Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week 2....drum roll please

Friday, April 18, 2008

Week 2....drum roll please
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I am down another 7 lbs for a total of 18 in 2 weeks!

I must admit I was hoping for an even 20 but mother nature kinda screwed me on that one. The good news is with all the water I am drinking my skin did not do the usual monthly break out thing but I think it cost me the extra 2lbs this week. Oh week!!

I texted a few people the results right away and the question I got back was "How do you FEEL??!!" The answer is...well I was gonna say not much different but I guess its been so long since that question was asked with a physical rather than emotional point I thought I'd break it down for each.

Physically: I am feeling good. I'd like to think there is a difference you can see but I think its too soon for that. One person did say he thought he could tell but he was trying to get laid and therefore does not count (on that score anyways). Medically speaking the infection I had on my leg is all cleared up (yay) and I had a scan done on Monday to rule out any blood clots and other icky stuff. I go next week to get those results. I truly don't think that is an issue but I suppose its good to rule that out. As far as the diet itself I am doing fine. The last 2 days I got so busy I didn't get all my cookies down (6 before 6pm) and I still need some help embracing the wonderful world of veggies. I told someone today I grew up on Mac N Cheese and Spam and they did not believe me. Some of you know all to well that, sadly, that is true. I did mix it up and added turkey patties and marinated chicken breasts to my evening meal this week. Broke out the ol GF and grilled it up! (George Foreman- my man!) I have not been "hungry" at all per se, I have been aware of my tummy rumbling but that is more just getting used to the diet than hunger.

Mentally/Emotionally: I feel solid. I feel determined and if I do have random thoughts about this or that (mmmm sweet potato fries) I can shut it down and disconnect with a "ain't worth it". Not that the diet is "hard" but it's not soooo much fun that I am willing to give up one whole day of doing it for some fries or ice cream, or cheesecake.....wait, what was I saying? (heh) I appreciate and welcome the support and I know you guys are reading this and it makes me feel good to put this out into the universe and knowing someone is reading it. I am mainly blogging for my own record. I think it will be interesting to look back in say, 6 months but this (for me) is better than a diary because I can share this with all you. I am in and I really don't see falling off the wagon. I AM gonna do this thing (snap) and see what I can accomplish. This has been a long time coming and I do think its the right thing at the right time.

Loving you weigh in is next Friday so stay tuned to this Bat channel for the next update!

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