Saturday, August 30, 2008

Refund baby!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Refund baby!
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So the good news of the day is I am getting a decent tax return! Yay! This is of particular note for those of you who know the hellish year I had last year. Short version...4 W2's, 2 months of being unemployed and a huge lawsuit that took 6mo.s to resolve (which I won for anyone who heard differently). So I was very unsure of how my taxes were gonna turn out. That plus this was my first full year as a home owner and I wasn't sure how that magic works. I am very relieved and I owe a big thanks to my friend Charms who taught me how and what to keep track of (charitable donations, mileage, what I can write off without going to jail). I will also pat myself on the back for being fairly organized and actually keeping track of all the above.
I could blow this return in about 2 seconds (its not a ton but anything is more than I expected) but I am going to use it to pay off some of those blackmarks still lurking on my credit and perhaps saving a little. That is still a concept that baffles me but add that to my goals....having more in my savings account than my checking account. I hear grown ups save money and that sounds like a fine thing to do.

So what is the morale to today's story? For is the last of putting 2007 behind me. For some reason I got served a whole steaming pile of life lessons all packed into one year and somehow I came through it. Battered and bruised to be sure but I made it and I will keep on making it because it is what I do...failure was never an option.

And I may buy one shiny thing.....heh!

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