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Sunday, March 02, 2008

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BIG NEWS- my parents are coming to see me this week. And by parents I mean my dad and stepmom (not to be confused with other parental figures who I am currently not speaking with...)

This is big news for many many reasons...
1. This is the first time since I lived with my father during my junior year of high school he will have seen where I live...and I haven't lived in Iowa for over 10 years now. That is HUGE!!

2. The is the first time I will have seen any family since being home for my brother's passing. I know the fam has been getting together more back home which I am so happy for but makes me feel lonely when I know they are together and I am not there.

3. This is forcing me to get a bunch of little stuff taken care of like...clean out my car (which I treated myself and got it detailed today- nice! new leather smell!!). I also got a few pictures hung which have been sitting around, putting little things back in their home or finding home for odd things- can you tell I like to be organized?? I also finally scheduled a cleaner (I am not a domestice goddess- sue me!) so I will have a sparkly new CLEAN house.

4. I get to hang out with my parents who are cool and so laid back and I get to share an event which they really dig (the ren faire) and I get to continue to work on making my relationship with them stronger. This has been on my personal "to do" list for several years now so I am so grateful to have the chance to do it and so proud of them for taking the steps to come out here!

5. This is the start of a parade of family coming out to see me this year and I am hoping to start the wheels turning of getting some of them to move out here! We'll see how that goes...
I am excited and looking forward to a great visit...more on this later I am sure :)

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