Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shoe Fly- Don’t bother me!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Shoe Fly- Don’t bother me!

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Anyone else remember that song? No, just me?? Well ok.....

Anyways....when we last left off I was basically screaming into the big ravine a la Garden State (great movie - if you have not seen it rent it today!). Thanks for letting me rant and perhaps share a bit toooo much info (sorry nieces but better you hear it from me than on the streets). I do have some good news to share so I thought I'd pop on least someone sends a search party for me. I am ok I swear, just a moment of madness that needed released.

So what is the good news? Well....its a small thing but a big deal to me but I am FINALLY able to wear my regular shoes again. Those of you who wondered why I wore flips flops or crocs to Iowa in the winter...well it was because for the past Ican'tevenrememberhowlong I have only been able to wear those 2 pairs of shoes. Not a deliberate fashion choice I assure you but finally I am able to slide my little piggy's into real grown up business appropriate shoes again. * see pic in my Leggs photo album. The big thing is it just gives me a bit of hope that there will be an end to this someday, or at least a manageable solution. And it has given a boost to my self confidence too. That, along with the fact that I finally caved and went shopping today for new pants as the ones I have are a bit baggy now. And not alot of people will understand this so just trust me on this one but for the first time in...maybe decades I have non elastic waist pants! Seriously....this is a huge thing to me. I got 2 new pair because who knows how long I will be in these and I don't wanna spend a ton of cash on clothes that won't me in for long. Oh,I did buy some fun new accessories too cuz I figure bling looks good no matter what your size!

I had a thought about my "fat clothes" (aka my present wardrobe) and I have asked my sis if she would make me a quilt out of them. My thought is as they get too big for me I will save my fave's and then make them into a quilt to remind me of what I went through to get where I hope I will end up. Toni made a quilt from my brother's old t-shirts so I figured why not do something similar? C' one in the whole world will love the Teddy Bear coat like me so why give it away when I can keep it forever?? I stand by the whole "you will never see my fat pants" rant so this is a way to honor and remember the journey without all the embarassment.

Ok....haven't weighed in yet so no updates (Friday) but I am hoping to hit the century mark by the end of the month!

PS- I was so happy about the shoes I bought 2 new pairs! Gotta love Zappo's!!

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