Saturday, August 30, 2008

The future’s so brite I gotta wear shades

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The future’s so brite I gotta wear shades

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....ok perhaps it is not THAT bright but it is getting a bit less scary. I had my therapy appt on Tuesday this week and after getting a thigh/tummy massage (which in case you think sounds like fun for even one second let me assure you it is NOT) and getting lasered and scraped (healing skin from the oozing wound which is almost now non-oozing, yay diaper cream! it's magical!!) I asked about what my future holds.

Andrea (the therapist) thinks I should only need to go see her a total of 3 more times (6 visits total) so I will go on Friday then she is gone for a week then 2 more times that following week. By that time she expects to have all the excess fluid gone and the wounds to all be totally healed- actually that should be the case when I go see her Friday (that will be a BIG relief and was the first goal). So far I have lost the equivalent of 2 full 2 liter bottles of liquid off both my legs. I will have to keep my wrapping up for the next 2 weeks (20 hours a day) but then I get to switch to these oh so sexy (NOT) compression garments. The only good news about them is that she is not making me get the ones that go all the way up to the, err, groin area. She is trying to avoid that as much as possible (it is July in Phoenix, pity me a bit won't you??) but it is a wait and see thing. I can wear the (we will call them) stockings during the day then wrap like I am now at night. THAT will be good cuz then I can go back to my normal routine. This getting showered at night blows....can't get used to it at all. And that will be the plan for the forseeable future. She does predict that as I keep loosing weight and my overall size decreases so should the size of my legs now that the fluid will be kept in check and it is possible that I will be able to not have to wear any garments at all at some point.....(whew!) Oh, and she mentioned I might have to get some kinda short like garment which will help keep me sucked in and push more fluid out (side effect will be it should also help with the weight loss). Sounds hot doesn't it?? Sooo sexxy!
It is still a long road to go but this is the first good news I have had with this whole leg saga so I am going to celebrate the victory! I am still pissed that both my doctor didn't catch it (but now wants all the info I can get so he can be informed....can you say feeling guilty??) and even more so at the Wound Care clicnic who wasted my time AND money by keeping me coming back there when they knew what I had and knew they could not do anything about it. I know its a business but it is disappointing when you see that the patient does not come first (as nice as they were). Oh well, that is behind me and I see light at the end of the tunnel.....fingers crossed it is not a locomotive coming to mow me down!!

Later Gaters!

PS- Bonus points for anyone who can name the group that sang the song that this entry is titled after.....anyone??

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