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Monday Monday

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Monday
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I was gonna title this Manic Monday but today wasn't so manic, what with it being a pseudo holiday that only I seemed to have to work. Someday I will have a job where I can take all the fake holidays off. Hell, someday I'll take any damn day I want to off! My long/short term goal is to open my own search firm in the next 3-5 years. I think that is an attainable goal. I already have a connection with the firm I want to franchise so all I need now is some cash for the lift off phase.

First things first though, so that is why I am getting refocused on the job at hand which means making a ton of placements/cash this year. Just in case not all of you are 100% clear on what it is that I do (most of my family still doesn't get it so it's cool). I am an executive sales recruiter, aka headhunter. What that means is I go out and find clients who need to add top level sales people to their teams. I place candidates from inside (telesales) reps, field/outside sales, channel sales (people who get other companies to resell their stuff) and executive sales (VP of Sales, Directors, etc...). My clients pay me a fee, usually a % of the base salary of the candidate. Once I have a search assignment (job) I go out and find candidates for the company. Why do they need me you ask? Because a 3rd party recruiter (that's me) can go places corporations can't always go (i.e. to their nearest competitor). Then I "sell" the opportunity (job) to the candidate and facilitate the interview process until hire is made (could be 1 candidate, could take 5 per job- it all depends). It can be as simple as setting up one interview or it can be as complex as negotiating an offer, then a counter offer, and back and forth. All in all it is exciting and challenging and I don't ever want to do anything else ever again.

Speaking of goals I finally did them. I usually have my personal/professional goals done in the first week of the year so here is the delayed version:

Earn a 6 figure income in 2008 (I just broke out all my numbers so I know where I need to be each month/week to hit this and is it "do-able")
Attend 2 networking events per month (easy, with my LinkedIn Live events and AZSalesPro of which I am a board member of both groups- aka I have to be there)
Read 1 business book or attend one webinar per month
Write and publish one industry related article (been on the mental list for awhile now I need to make it happen) by July 1st
...I reserve the right to add more but this is it for now

Get back into a BS/BA and complete it
Continue to clean up credit (and for all you youngsters out there- pay attention to your credit now and keep it clean so you won't get screwed later in life!!- this is one you'll read and nod and agree and in 20 years say DAMN! I which I would have listened back when someone told me about this crap)
Keep writing (i.e.- blogging :) you keep reading and I'll keep writing)
This is the tough one (gulp) on repairing relationship with my mother
Take a vacation!! (perhaps to see my bf from college Janet)
Get new furniture/paint condo- I want to pimp out my pad and it is waaay overdue!!

Ok so that is what's on my mind today. Feel free to hold me accountable to these goals and I encourage everyone to set their own annual/monthly/weekly/daily goals. The top 1% of the world's wealthiest people all do this- if its good enough for them it can't hurt me!!

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