Saturday, August 30, 2008

Melting away and not from the heat!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Melting away and not from the heat!

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I TOLD you I had alot to update you all on.....I am a posting fool today! Well this will be the last for today probably as I need to run some errands and I want to be back before dark. One of the cools things about my condo is I have a front row seat to 3 fireworks shows. I can literally watch them from my balcony! It was a cool suprise last year and this year I think the word is out so I am expecting the parking lot to be way full. update! First I need to apologize to freaking anyone out at home with the display and explaination of what is going on with my legs. I am still learning and I don't have all the info to explain all the details. If you have more questions for me just ask! So I started my leg therapy after FINALLY getting the freaking leg pump. It took 8 weeks but I finally have it. I'd love to report that it has done its magic and they are all better but it is a longer process then that. And flying so much in June did not help- flying is very bad for this condition but it could not be avoided. I do the therapy from 2-3 hours a day and hopefully will see results soon. I'd be happy to at least stop the draining cuz its gross and I am o-v-e-r it! I start at the lymphodema clinic on tuesday (7/8) so hopefully they will have some good info and techniques for me for me. They do wrappings, tapings and massage to help manage and treat lymphodema and the doc I am seeing is literally the world's expert on lymphodema! I'll keep you posted but overall please know it the damage IS reversable and while chronic, it is manageable. And NO, no one needs to come live with me to help me deal with it. It's fine, I promise!!

And update time! I am down 60 lbs! Ok, 59.5 but I am rounding up and you can't stop me! I also had blood work done before I left for Iowa and so for all you medical peeps (and in my family that includes most everybody).

Cholesterol: was 240 now 177 (normal range!)
HDL: was 47 now 31 (mostly hereditary but now taking Omega 3 to help lower)
LDL: was 166 now 132
Trigylceride: was 163 now 110 (now normal)
BMI (body mass index) down 10.2 %
Fat: down 6% (I have lost 6% of my total body fat!)
Total lbs of pure fat lost = 51!

Also, by getting back on my meds my thyroid is normal as are all my sugars, liver and gall bladder which they watch closely when you are losing weight to monitor for any issues. So aside from the lymphodema I am in good shape.

As far as "how is it going"....all my travels really threw me for a loop. This diet works very well within a rountine- crazy, hectic and not knowing where you are gonna be at any given time, not so much. Between my leg pump and food I needed to bring that was like a whole suitcase on its own- seriously. Plus having to pack up my cookies and shakes and cart them around all day when i was back home, kind of a pain in the ass. Also eating out for the first time since I started the diet was very hard. Most restaurants do not have many low fat/no fat options (for real, try and order no fat next time you go out!) and I had to order a weird mix to get what I needed to eat (example....a side order of seared ahi tuna and edamame with no salt). I was very worried about weighing in after all that eating (veggies soaked in butter is just a cruel trick) out but it seems I made good choices because I still lost. YAY! I have not had a week where I gained yet. I am sure it will happen but the dr's are pleased with the consistent loss but its never crazy amounts. It has averaged out to 4 lbs a week so far.
So that is where I am at now! I am still recruiting people to eat stuff I love and can't have so pretty please everyone have a huge juicy burger and a brat for me this weekend- ok?? Oh, and some cheesecake for dessert....I may miss that most of all ....... :(

Love you all and have a Happy 4th!

Tracey Lu

PS- My goal is to be 145lbs (my ideal weight) by my birthday next year so be sure and check back to see where I am this time next year!!

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