Saturday, August 30, 2008

First week down

Friday, April 11, 2008

First week down
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So one week down. It was a week ago today that I started the diet and I want to say thanks for everyone's comment. They are very much appreciated as are all of you.
So I am feeling a bit on the tired side which is normal for the first week and why they don't want you to do a crazy workout along with it, at least not at first. As far as the day to day of it that part is fine. I munch my 6 little cookies during the day and then I have been making big salads for my dinner. I am suprised at how easy the water thing has been actually. Granted it is all I am drinking now but 64 oz is a ton but I have been avg 80+ oz a day. I think that might be part of the first 11 down, lots of flushing out of the system. I am going to cook something tonight- I bought a ton of frozen veggies and lean meat so I will dive into that soon. I tell ya though, when you only get one meal a day- you make it frickin COUNT! There has not been much temptation yet but the thoughts that have crossed my mind get easily banished when I think about wiping out a whole day of doing this just cuz I want (x). NOT worth it.

Along with getting the diet on track I am getting a few other things I have very badly and stupidly not gotten taken care of so I had 2 doc appts this week. One was with my GP who found I had a bacterial infection and so I am on antibiotics for that (no big) but slighty more serious and icky is a sore I have had on my leg. I was referred to the wound clinic and turns out its a skin ulcer (gross) soI have that all bandaged up to keep dry and I have to go for a scan on Monday to check and see what the cause may be before they start any treatment. All this kinda reminds me of when I started cleaning up my credit- it took a big leap to gt started then I had to look at everything I'd avoided and ignored for so long. It was painful and icky for awhile then it started to get better. I hope this bit ends as well! (and for anyone who is concerned you can call me for more details but it is not that big of a deal, just icky).

Back to the diet...another cool thing that happened was the doc from Smartforlife (which will now be referred to as S4L for my typing ease) called me at home last night to check and see how I was doing. She was the one who told me to get my leg looked at so I told her all that and she put it on my chart. My sister was especially concerned that all these docs know what everyone else is doing soI have made sure that happened, I just was impressed at the follow up and customer service of a doc calling me at home. I don't go back until next Friday and I am looking forward to GOOD news.

I am feeling pretty confident about everything and sticking to my guns that this is not a short term thing, that this is just how I roll now. Aside from getting the leg issue fixed all is well and I am looking forward to the results.

Thanks again for your you all

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