Saturday, August 30, 2008

30 the hard way

Saturday, May 17, 2008

30 the hard way

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Hello all, I feel like I have been neglecting my little blog here but I have been (and still am) having technical issues. For some reason my laptop has decided that the speed of choice is "slow to I don't fricking think so". That being said I have not had the patience to speed an hour (seriously) to wait to see if I can even get online. Ugh.
So what is going on in my world? Well the work drama has subsided a bit and it is nose to the grindstone time as far as sourcing new business. Everyone keeps talking about the slowing economy but all this really means is that it is time to do what you should be doing all the time. At least from a sales perspective that is- in sales you always need to focus on marketing and developing new leads and when things are good that part is easier because more people need you. Know you have to dig a bit and qualify more- in other words, work for it! I did have a good month andf I am gonna have to hustle to get some stuff in the pipeline to close next month. I have been attending a lot of networking events as well which is cool but far less fun when you can't eat or drink.

Ok, kept you waiting long enough...on to the diet update. I have officially passed the 30lb mark. Yay! It's nice to have hit a milestone like that. I am not sure why I consider 30 a milestone but for some reason that has just been the first hurdle in my mind. I have to admit it is a struggle and a learning process. I have been working on trying to mix up my evening meal choices cuz someday when I am off the cookies and need to figure out how to eat 3 healthy (real) meals a day I need to know what those options are. The more I get into this I realize how little nutrition was a part of my life even back to my childhood. I was totally raised on junk food punctuated by very brief moments of an attempt at eating something good. I go to the store and walk through the produce dept and I am truly lost. I haveno clue about veggies, what the difference is or how in the world to cook them. People have been teasing me cuz I have gotten so excited about the Green Giant steam bags that are all mixed veggies and you just pop in the microwave. Apparently you can steam veggies like in a pan or something? I don't get it...anyways it really all does go back to how uneducated I am about healthy food. It's going to take awhile to unlearn a lifetime of bad habits and choices. Oh and the cravings? Yeah, they aren't going away. In fact I have decided I am never gonna be a person who will be able to say (honestly) that I don't want any junk food. When I drive by a fast food place I desperately want to go in. I think I always will and because of that I more and more relate myself to an addictive personality. Maybe I am and always have been a food addict. I thought I was smart to stay away from drinking and drugs but I guess you can pick all kinds of poision if you are the type. One can try to destroy themselves with all kinds of things.

On the other health issue- my legs are getting worse before they get better. I have not gotten the pump that is supposed to relive the fluid build up in my legs yet and since I have been walking everyday to increase my circulation and for exercise in general the result is the open sore on my left leg has been draining like crazy (I know, its gross). I went from bandaging it once a day to needing to change it 2-3 times a day. I guess that is a good thing but it is causing the skin around where all the fluid is draining to become very irritated- which is then made worse by the walking. All a very vicious circle at the moment. I should have the pump soon and that will help and begin the actual treatment and hopefully it won't take long for the sore to heal. I gotta say I am totally over all this wound care stuff. And then this will be something I need to deal with the rest of my life. Fun.

So that is my update....take care all and I love you!

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