Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting out on the SKINNY branches

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Getting out on the SKINNY branches
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Hello my friends, I have a pretty important announcement to make and I know my nearest and dearest will read this so here we go....(btw, I apologize for not reaching out to tell everyone 1 on 1 but when you are as loved as I am that would take awhile- heh)

I have made a choice, committment, lifestyle change to begin a weight loss program called Smart for Life: Feel free to check it out if you have questions but the important points are is is doctor supervised and is very very effective. It’s also called the cookie diet because you get these meal replacement squares to munch all day then you get a big meal in the evening (there is science behind that but I won’t bore you). The cookies are all organic and overall it is a high fiber, high protein diet. The average person loses 12-15 lbs a month and I have set what I feel is a very achievable goal. I just had my first weigh in visit and after 4 DAYS I am down 11 pounds! I know, I know, water weight, first pounds come off easy....blah, blah, blah. I am just telling you I could not tell you the last time I even got on a scale let alone getting good news from one.

For the people who still may be skeptical please know I did check with my regular doctor and he a) put me back on thyroid meds (which will help with the diet) and b) fully endorses this plan. second opinion...check!

Now for me, the biggest part of this is the why. It always comes back to the why...and the reason is, well...alot of things. I guess I always knew someday I’d take control of this part of my life. Some of you know I have been in finacial rehab fixing credit issues, etc. for the past year and now that house is in order I feel like it is time to be active in my health as well.
Of course I do think that the death of my brother has more than a little to do with it. Depression is a real animal in my family and I will admit that I have had the thought before that I didn’t really care if my weight killed me, might save me the trouble someday. Yeah, I know. Scary. But if I ever wondered how my family would react to losing me I now have an all too real idea and I won’t do that to them. I also want to continue to be a role model for my nieces, I see the potential for them to go down a bad path and how can I say anything to them if I never take control of my own issues? A little hard work now for them could spare them the life I lead (sorry baby girls, I love you and I gotta say it).

So, what does this new life look like for me? At first I said I wanted to turn a clean page in my book (that is my life) but now I think I want a whole new book, one where I make much different choices. I am even giving up my diet pepsi addiction- it is allowed on the diet but that is part of the past. And part of me being "public" about this (cuz it was my first, second and third thought to not tell ANYONE) is my line in the sand that this is who I am now, this is all about new choices.

Some of you know (and saw first hand- LB2) that my biggest fear/issue is looking bad in front of people. Especially people I care about! So this is me getting waaaaay out there on those skinny branches and asking for your help and support, cuz it IS OK TO ASK FOR HELP. And even better I welcome your love and support. I will more than likely blog about my progress and feel free to call me and check in. I get weighed weekly so I should have up to date numbers at the ready.

I love you all, thanks for loving me even when I did not love myself. You have no idea what that means....xoxo!

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