Saturday, August 30, 2008

Natural High

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Natural High

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What up peeps? I am having a bit of an mood upswing so sit back and enjoy! Like so many artists (cough, cough) I tend to write most when I am one morose motherfucker (HUGE bonus points for anyone who can name the source for that one) but I am actually in a good mood right now. I went to Smart for Life today for my weigh in and got a vitamin B12 shot and I think it just kicked in- whoo-hoo!!

So first things first....I have hit what I actually feel is a milestone. I am down 75 pounds. I lost 8 this past week which I think may be due to some of the fluid loss from the leg stuff....that fluid has to go somewhere I vote for getting it out the old fashion way. My average weight loss is now right about 4.5 lbs per week. Some weeks more and some less but if I stay at this pace I should be able to hit my goal of 145 easily by this time next year...maybe even before that. Anyways, I was thinking that when I DO hit my goal that there needs to be a BIG party. I am going to plan to come home for my bday next year (and Bubbafest.....Holli, start planning now) and CELEBRATE! But for now I will be happy with the 75 and hopefully by the end of next month I will be at 100 which was my original goal. Not that I am stopping there by any means!
Now before I get the slew of the predicatable "how do you FEEL" questions let me wait for a moment while you review my last 2-3 blogs.....go ahead....I'll wait.....ok, back now? Ok so hopefully you now realize that I am somewhat distracted by those issues and the neccessary but -huge- pain in the ass that itis and has kept me from being able to really detect or enjoy any changes. I have noticed some clothes getting baggy but let face it, I have been wearing pants with elastic bands for quite some time so it is going to be slower to notice in those items. I plan to start exercising again now that the wound is almost healed but I have to admit I am a bit scared of exercise. I have never gotten into a program that I have stuck with and while I was getting into a bit of a rountine with the walking it is now waaaay to hot to walk outside and (this is a lame excuse but here we go) I don't really have footwear for proper exercising. Seriously, all I have is crocs and flip flops and I don't think either are recommended for tread mills. I am sure I will figure it out but before I add something else to my life I need to get the wrapping out of my evening routine.

Now what has put me in the super good mood....I am very very very excited about a friend of mine coming to town. Anyways, he is coming to Phoenix for a week for a work conference and we plan to spend at least 2 nights together. Ok, full disclosure....he is one of the guys I met online waaaay back when I was doing the AOL chat room thing. ForEVER ago! So...technically, we have never met. I do have to say he is and has been one of my best friends for over 10 years and knows me better then almost anyone. He has seen me grow and become who I am today and supported me the whole way. It's weird how our lives have been drawing together actually. All I know is if I had to pick one guy to be with it would be, and always has been, him.(::::::big girly sigh::::::::)

On the other hand we have my minute man (you figure it out) who will be in town for the weekend right before. Hopes are not high for that weekend but it will be good to practice before the big show....hehehehe. OK, I may be evil and morally ambigious but I deserve it dammit!
Alrighty, I am sure if my nieces are still reading this they have found this waaay to much info and pretty cringe-tastic so I will leave you for now...

Take care and my love to all.


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