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Hello my friends and fam-

It feel like FOR-EVAH since I posted anything. Many of you know what a crazy, crazy June I had but for everyone else I will re-cap. It may take a few posts to get everything covered because I don't want to skip over some of the important (well, to me anyways) details. I am not sure whether or not to jump in chronologically or in order of life significance. I will put my brain in "cd shuffle" and see what comes have been warned. :)

I guess the first thing that pops into my head is what I consider to be a WAY cool event and it kinda ties into my new pic I just posted of myself (which was taken yesterday at work cuz I was -sooooo- not feeling being in the office so instead I took about 50 pictures and was sending them on my phone to everyone I knew. Ummm, sorry to the people who got the pics that did not enjoy my random-ness. I blame too much time hanging with my niece Sierra...more on THAT later :) )
Ok...back to the event (you do recall the warning about randomness right??). I got to meet one of my top 3 FAVE authors. Her name is Jen Lancaster and anyone who enjoys my sense of humor should run, to the nearest bookstore and pic up all 3 of her books. Her event was the day after I got home from IA and while I was soooo tired I figured after begging for her to come to Phoenix on her blog (which I also HIGHLY recommend- she is one of my myspace friends and you should all be reading it!) it would be not only stupid but rather insulting to her to not go. I am soooo glad I did. She had a flight to catch so she got there early and did a Q&A so I arrived in plenty of time to get a good seat. Having managed a bookstore a zillion years ago and having had hosted many a book signing I kinda knew enough to time it right. I sat down but failed to get the magic ticket to get your book signed. A very lovely girl ahead of me had made the same error and her husband saved our seats while we went to search out the golden tickets....well a funny thing happened on the way to the customer service counter because Ms. Diva Jen herself was standing there asking where she was supposed to go! I walked up to her and said hello and she looked right at me and said, "Oh, I know you! But your hair is usually much darker right?" (she had recognized my pic from the times I have left comments on her blog!! OMG!) I smiled and explained that me a L'Oreal have this thing where we switch up the color every now and then...she understood. Now her new book (Such a Pretty Fat...go buy it NOW!) is about weight loss so I mentioned to her that since that pic I had lost a bunch of weight. She said she could totally tell and when I asked her to sign my book since we were standing there chatting ,she did (her pen totally matched her dress AND the book- total Jen move, classic) and she signed it "Tracey, all my best- You look Great! xo, Jen"

I just thought it was super cool that she totally recognized me as soon as I walked up to her and that she noticed my progress. It was a cool event and she was as funny a witty in person as she is in her books (trust me, not always the case) and it was really just what I needed after such an emotional weekend back home. that is my first random moment from my life. Would not be all that cool for everyone but for me it was a sparkly moment that makes me smile everytime I think of it and for that, I thank you very much Jen. You rock and please know you made my day!!

xoxo, T

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