Saturday, August 30, 2008

OMG- strangest lunch E V E R

Thursday, August 21, 2008

OMG- strangest lunch E V E R

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Ok....we now take time out of Tracey's personal and private struggles to tell a really fucking trippy story about her bizarre work life!!!

Sooooooo. I do a ton of networking and was referred this guy who is looking for a new job. Kinda what I do for a living so I talk to him and I had seen him before at events so I knew him kinda. Turns out he is a recruiter as well and my boss wants me to hire a team so I set up a lunch with him to discuss options. Either hire him for my team or refer him to other places I know...cuz I am people who knows people. (:::snap:::)

He shows up today wearing a suit (not necessary to impress me but I appreciate the effort) and comes into my office. We chat then decide to head out for lunch. He is a bit wobbly on his feet but who knows what that's due to (injury, illness, whatev) so I don't think much of it. I offered to drive (*** BIG mistake as we will see later) and we walk to my car. He had parked his car next to mine and I notice it is still running. So I say "dude, did you leave your car running??" and he was like "Oh, yeah I wasn't sure how long we'd be so I left it running" (wtf??) So we get in the car and drive to Applebee's about a mile away. We sit and start talking and I notice he is a bit more wobbly and then notice his pupils are the size of quarters. Dude is tweaking on something!! I ask if he is OK and he says he has the flu. Then proceeds to take a freight train to hell and he begins to babble about nonsense and can't focus his eyes at all and I think he is going to strip naked and start running around screaming (he didn't but it looked like where this was headed in the moment). I decide to wrap it up and get the hell out of there so I tell him we are leaving and then he slumps over the table!! There is a huge party being seated right behimd us and they are all looking at me and I shoot them a "I don't even know the dude" look. The waitress offers to get her manager but dude starts getting up and follows me out weaving across the parking lot. He then starts to get into a random car and I have to guide him to my car and he's like "oh, you drove?" Ummm yeah. So he gets in and I ask what he took as I am already assuming 911 will be called in the very near future. He then goes non-verbal on me and slumps into my window. I drive like a bat out of hell back to my office and when I stop at a light he snaps to and goes "what happened?" Dude totally blackout out in my car!! He then leans towards me and I had an "oh god he's gonne stab me in my own car" moment but I pushed him back with a "your ok, just settle down." His head is rolling all over and I'm trying to ask him who I can call to drive his ass home (and out of my life) and he can't answer.

We get back to my office and he grabs his shit (somehow he threw his tie in my backseat, still not sure how that happened). He gets out but leaves his bag in the car so I have to tell him to take his bag with him. He then starts stumbling towards my office and I say "nope, your car is right here....we are all done". He clearly can barely understand me and shuffles over to his car where I expected he would pass out and I'd have to call the cops but he did manage to start his car and leave.....out on the road and will more than likely seriously hurt himself or someone else- but not me so at least there is that!

omgomgomgomggomgomg!!!!!!! seriously the most fucked up thing that has ever happened to me....and that friends, is saying something!!

Lesson learned: even if you know don't know someone and never ever ever take some tweaked out freak anywhere in your car!

Oh, and always floss. That is just good advise any day!

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