Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It only looks easy

So you all know how much yoga has brought to me (thank you Desert Song!!) I keep telling people go for the exercise ands stay for the spiritual journey.

It really has brought me a lot of peace and helped me focus during some rough times in my life. Now the Universe does like it's challenges and continues to lob its curve balls at me so I read something in a yoga journal I get that really hit home for me so I am really putting some energy into it to see what happens.

I can't recall the exact quote but the flavor I got from it was to stop fighting everything that happens and focus more on moving with the flow of life. Letting it wash over you and through you instead of being pelted by life like a fire hose turned on full force.

Now as I am a person who has put in my fair share of miles swimming up steam this seems like a fine idea. I am working on moving with life. I swear I am. I am working so hard at it.


Guess what?......

It is just as much work as swimming upstream.


Chris just tonight was explaining the concept of how it actually takes more control to stay steady in a strong current than to swim against it sometimes.



(deep sigh)

Still I think it is a theory worth exploring. If nothing else it mixes things up and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results so at the very least I can hope for different results with a different approach.'s not nearly as easy as it sounds.

Special People

I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to reflect and honor my Grandmother with my first blog of April. It was just a year ago that we lost her and I miss her so much. I remember when I first made the decision to move to Arizona and one of my big concerns was being so far away from my Grandma when we had no idea how much time she had left. I didn't get back to see her as much as I would have liked but I made the most of the time I was able to get home I know she appreciated every moment I spent with her. Nothing was more important to my Grandma than family.

I wish so much Grandma could have met Chris and be able to see with her own eyes how happy and in love I am.I know she was always so worried about me being alone and not having anyone to take care of her "Tacey Lanny" I know she would be so relieved to know that not only am I being looked after and taken care of but I am being loved more deeply than I could have ever dreamt I would be. I am sure Grandma would have some strong words for Chris and the strongest of them all would be "thank you for taking care of my littlest grand-daughter".

It almost seems fitting then that Chris's birthday is just after my Grandma's. His birthday was on Easter this year and while he had to work (boo!) I did my best to make the most of the time we did have together. I went shopping and bought my first dress since I dropped the weight (then picked it up, then put it down then....). I hate how my legs looks but I realized my poor boy had never seen me in a dress so it was part of my present to him. It is purple and black and didn't look to bad after I got it on if I do say so myself. Then cuz I got the dress I had to get the gear to go with it so I went to Vickie's (you know where I mean) and stocked up and then I got the hair and nails done. By the time my boy got home I had flowers, candles and a put together girl waiting for him. I let him pick what he wanted to do but really wanted to go out for a drink (and it was past 10pm- OMG!!) so we did and had a lovely evening. Then the next morning we did birthday gifts, then Easter baskets and then had brunch and a new place that might become a new fave hangout (The Florist Cafe- check it out Phx peeps!). It was nice and while I wanted more time with my birthday boy I am hoping it was as special a day for him as it was for me.

April is a special month and I was so happy to be able to honor and celebrate the 2 most special and important people in the whole world to me.