Saturday, August 30, 2008

the sky was all purple

Friday, February 15, 2008

the sky was all purple
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So today was very rain-y and -with repect to my midwest peeps cuz yes at least its not brrr cold and icy- the rain sucks. Well, not so much the rain but more the zillions of people who loose their minds when stuff falls from the sky. It will be 5 years to the day next week that I rolled into Phoenix and I recall watching the news for the first time and they had these reporters standing in parking lots ankle deep in puddles to demonstrate the awesome power of nature when it pours in the desert. Stunning work people- great job I thought (and still do).

However, when it rains here you can add at least an hour to get from here to there no matter where you are going and now that I have a 15 mile commute (I know, 5 miles in the snow both ways...ya ya your commute is worse than mine I am sure) it SUPER sucks when it rains. Me being the smart cookie that I am however sleuthed this factoid out before I got onto the dreaded I-10 (which was backed up as far as the eye could see) and I took the loooooong way home on side streets. Now I probably ended up getting home about the same time as if I had taken the hwy (or perhaps not, now we'll never know) but what I did do was take a nice drive through a very scenic area (Papago park for you Phoencians) and while driving I got to see an amazing amazing, deep purple sunset.

Now anyone who plays the home version of "Tracey's Life" knows my sister is a huge Prince fan and we share purple as our favorite color so all in all purpleness= good. Naturally I thought of her and I snapped a pic with my phone but it did not capture the depth of the colors in the sky. It was spectacular, it really was and I kinda needed to see something spectacular today. Thanks Mother Nature and thanks desert for giving me that gift.

:::sigh:::: Now... I am going to do my best to not crawl into the hole that is my bed (mmmmm, warm and cozy on cold rainy nights) for the whole weekend and actually go out into the world. There is a Jim Henson exhibit in Mesa (and again those who know me know I love love love the Muppets) so I am excited to go see that. Plus I need to gather up all my tax stuff and get that done and after getting a good start on getting organized at work I need to do my usual planning of personal/professional goals that I usually do at the beginning of the year but....well, you know why. Long ass story short- I am going to force myself to just keep moving ahead this weekend and not let the sadness get me. That's the plan....check back later and I'll let you know how it went.

Oh- and the reason for my "mood" is I am having back spasms. Owwww....and yet another reason to go to the doctor and get some pharmaceutical aid. Fun.

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