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Monday, August 11, 2008


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So here I am feeling pretty good about buying new clothes and getting some new bling....all be it Target bling ( counts!) and all in all feeling pretty good when out of nowhere I get a double dose of horrifying reality. First, I am minding my own business channel surfing away when I land on TLC. Now I love TLC....the DiY shows, Jon and Kate Plus it. So I land on one of the medical shows and its one of those "My Shocking Story" episodes. You know, the one where they show people who in PT Barnum's time you'd have to chuck a quarter at to take a look?? When....did you see it coming yet? Yup, you guessed it. The show is titled "My Big Foot" and it features a 46 year old woman who has lymphodema. Great!! I looked all over but could only find this kinda crappy clip from the show. It is a very severe case and no....mine did not get close to being that bad but, make no mistakes kids, that is exactly what I have and what my future could have been. I was literally taking off my compression bandages and rolling up my wraps while I was watching this show. Seriously, if you watch the clip below you will see the sames orange gloves I have in my pic gallery that they use to pull her bandages on. Now as repulsed and horrified as I was to watch this I have to admit that I saw this same show a few months ago and pre-all this and it did occur to me that her situation was a bit to close to mine so I stopped watching it. Go figure eh?? Watch at your own risk but here you go for those who are curious....and you can check TLC if you want to watch the whole show. If you dare.....

SOOOOOOOOO, as if that were not enough fun for one night I got another right hook today. I spend about 30 mins a day right now just rolling up these bandages. That does not count putting them on or taking them off (for that add another 45 mins per day). And I discovered I was a getting a callous on my fingers from all this rolling. Now I am a white collar girl and do NOT want sandpaper hands so I got online and found a lymphodema website that sells all kinds of products and supplies including a bandage roller. Yay! I was so excited! It is a wall mounted, hand crank deal-y that will cut down my time in half plus keep my skin all baby smooth. I happily ordered it for the oh-so low low price of $13.95 (a bargin!) and waited for it to arrive. Which it did. Today.....and guess what the package says???? "The Re-Wrap" brought to you by
EQUESTRIAN PRODUCTS!!!! Straight out of Gainesville TX y'all! Seriously, it's for HORSES!!!!! (see pic - I don't make this shit up)Are you fucking with me?? Seriously, who the hell is punking me now??? OMG. Ya, so I got scary ass video and a horse product......this is my life.

(((((deeeeeeeep sigh))))))

....but hey, at least I got new bling right?????

::walks into sunset shaking her head::::::

Only in my world........

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Abby said...

Hey Tracy--

Thanks for your comment on my blog, and given what you've been through (just from reading a few of your postings) I'm so glad I didn't offend you with all my blathering - sometimes my sarcasm doesn't translate and I'm glad it did. Those woman's stories have really haunted me, (despite my flippant way of handling it) and my sister had breast cancer a few years ago and has some lymphodema in her arm occasionally....but nothing like what you have to deal with.

Just wanted to say I'll be reading your posts and to hang in there with all you've been through, and I believe there's a man out there for both of us. There has to be. ;)