Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Quicky

Ok, I was informed in no uncertain terms that blogging needed to happen and soon so here ya go. I don't have a burning issue to discuss so we will be free forming this and you know how sometimes that can go south....we shall see what happens.

Work this week has been a grind but in a good way. I finally have gotten off my ass and started executing to my full potential. I switched markets to something a bit meatier (from sales to healthcare- recruiting that is for those of you who still have no idea what I do for a living, s'ok my sister still can't explain it either). I fought it for a long time but you know what? Fuck it, if it will make me money I am there. I have gotten a few bites so far which is cool and made about 500 cold calls in 4 days which is brutual but hey, its not like I have anyone to distract me. Ummm that being said feel free to text me during the day since I don't have any humans to talk to other than clients (and they aren't that much fun- at least until we get to the part where they pay me). So yeah, desperate times call for stepping up, sucking up and making it happen and if I am the sales person/recruiter I claim to be I am more than capable of creating my own destiny (and income) to get above this and get back to where I need to be financially....

I have good incentive to make big bucks to cuz Chris and I have lots and lots of adventures planned- we just need the income so we can start doing them but I have to say in the meantime I am so very much enjoying finding creative ways to enjoy each others time. Hey now- I didn't mean like that!! In case you haven't noticed I have been surprisingly sparse with the dirty details, not they aren't delicious and fun but frankly its MY shiny toy....mine mine mine and I don't feel like sharing!! Several friends have been asking about meeting him and I have to say while I love the idea and certainly want him to know my friends and vice versa I just have no desire to share right now. It's nice just being in the bubble of it all being new and exciting. So you will just have to enjoy what you get cuz I am keeping this one close.

Ok....I was gonna write more but due to my overwhelming popularity I am being IM'ed by 3 people on FB.

Hope this tides you over for now kids.....

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