Sunday, June 21, 2009

My 2 Dads

This being Father's Day it is only fitting I post a small tribute to the OG men in my life. I can truly say I got lucky in this department (although I would not have admitted this in my teen years you can be sure). The road has been rocky with both but now as a almost whole grown up type person I can see and treasure and love these men for who they are and what they helped shaped my life to be.


Larry is my stepdad but I am now to the point where I refer to both my step parents as just parents. Larry is a pure and wonderful soul. He is the guy who taught me to drive a car (my mother drove with me once and that was enough for her, after that it was all up to Larry). He is goofy and can ramble on and on about the topics he is fired up about. He is such a giving person. He would literally give anyone the shirt off his back to anyone who needs it.

As I mentioned I had a rocky relationship with him at one time (that time being my teen years). My parents divorced when I was very young and he came into my life and I couldn't really understand what his job was or why he was there. He was very patient with me but trying to replace a parent is always a losing task and not that he ever did. He was just there and tried to love me as best he could- or as much as I would let him.

I can honestly say no one in my life moved me like Larry really. He moved me from state to state 2 times (Iowa to Chicago the Chicago to Phoenix) and the stories I can tell about those trips are a whole series of blogs that can be told another day.

I guess today what I want Larry to know is I do love and appreciate him. He was more of a father to me than I deserved and he is a very special man in my life and always will be.


My Dad...the giver of life. My Dad is great. He is fanastically intelligent and well informed. I am my fathers daughter in more ways than just looks. There is just no denying how far this apple fell from the family tree. From my father I got passion, curiosity, creativity, imagination. He helped me know that my world expanded beyond what I could see around me. He also gave me my soul. No one I knoow feels as deeply as he does.My Dad is one big open heart and I love him so much for showing mehow to be open.

My Dad has been on the fringes of my life for so long not because of lack of love but because a stubborn daughter combined with a father who isn't the best at communicating isn't a great mix. I deeply regret the time I spent being to stubborn to make those movesthat could have made him a bigger part of my life and I am so proud of us both for being much much better at our own issues on the topic.

What I want my father to know is how much I love him and what a great dad he really has been to me. Not through grand deeds or anything else other than the depth of love he has for me. If I didn't have any other person in the whole world who loved me his love could sustain and nurture me for the rest of my days, thank you Daddy for always loving me.

To both these men- thank you for what you gave me and I hope I can be the daughter you both deserve because I don't know how I got so lucky in having you both in ly life.

I love you!! Happy Fathers Day!!!

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