Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Future?

Tracey just got their Tarot Cards Read

Context - Ace of Cups: Have you had a rising of emotions for a particular love lately? If not it is on the way! This may be a new love relationship with a person or it could be a new interest, hobby, or friendship. Any way you look at it, it is all good! Enjoy the feeling of excitement from within!
Focus - Empress 3: The Empress is all about energy and flow and is the feminine card. A project started by the Fool is likely to come to fruition with the Empress on your side. This is a fertility card and not necessarily in the biological sense. This card provides the support and creativity to accomplish your innermost endeavor that has been on your mind.
Outcome - Death 13: Death is a card of transformation! There is great change coming and some phase of your life is ending. Dont resist it because it is inevitable. It may be painful but make the most out of it because, in the end, it could be the best thing that has happend in your life!
Let's see if it comes true....

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