Monday, June 29, 2009

Pop Goes the World

The man, the myth, the music.....the legend. Say say say what you will about him (sorry, couldn't resist) but the truth is the man made an impact on the world that no one else will ever make in our lifetime.

He never rushed into the twin towers, he is not a least not in that sense. He never cured cancer or saved a life....or did he? No matter how you think of and remember him there is just flat out no denying that the man was magical. Maybe not to you, if he wasn't your cup of tea that is fair. No one appeals to everyone universally but frankly....Michael Jackson was as close as we may ever come to that.

See... the thing is no matter what your opinion of him is that fact is you HAVE an opinion. And to have an opinion that means you experienced something about him. Could be the good stuff....there is plenty of that to pick from. Might be some of the bad....there is some of that too (the guy was human-despite what some fans believe). And when something happens like Michael Jackson passing away it brings the world to its knees.

Just for a moment-

for one second everyone has a shared experience and for that moment.....we are one.

(please thank me later for not saying we ARE the world....)

That is what struck me as I listened to what quickly became "all Michael all the time" radio is the 24 hours following his death. That no matter who you are, no matter where you are in the world you could stop someone and say "wow, did you hear Michael Jackson died?" and have a shared experience. cool.

Not cool that he died of course but there is just something massively powerful about moments and events like this. Not that it is on the same level (except in some ways it is..) it reminded me of 9/11. The specific image that came to mind is the headline of one of the European papers thet day after the attacks that read simply...."Today, we are all Americans". Watching all the reaction to Michael's death I could not help but think "Today, Michael brought the world together" and I have to think that is something he would be very proud and excited about.

As I think of his music and look forward to the days ahead when we can let go of the minutia of what happened when and they stop playing 911 calls and we can just remember the music and the man who created it....I hope Michael knows and understands that he will be missed and he will be celebrated and for one moment he brought the world together....and I thank him for that.

Peace be with you now.

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