Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Next Act

I feel like I have just opened my book to a crisp clean new chapter. We are still following the same fabulously flawed characters you have come to love (namely, yours truly) and picked up a few new intriguing characters who we don't know well yet but seem to hold a ton of promise.

The setting is the same- a throw back in fact. But the scene has been reset and the hush has fallen over the crowd in the bubbling excitement over what comes next.

What indeed?

That's pretty much the question on the table isn't it? My life has fallen into that "unscripted reality" genre and god knows I am making this all up as I go. I was just talking to Chris about how much I wish I knew how close to the end I am. How long until I hit my weight loss goal? How long until I get the surgery I need to fix 30+ years of abuse I heaped upon my body? How long until I get my projects launched and out there for the world to hear my story....and maybe give a tiny spark of hope to someone who could really use a story that speaks to them. A story of someone who has had similar challenges and just needs that hand to help life them up!

It would all be so much easier if I knew that I just had to keep plugging away for another 6 months and then


:::BLAM:::: is all there before me, served right up on a silver platter (held by Chris who is wearing a tux and holding a rose between his teeth- hey, my dream I can visualize what I like).

But alas, there is no such prognostication device. The only one I trust anyways is my Muppet Magic 8 Ball and it give me answers to my questions like "Bork!" and my fave "Wocka Wocka."

So....clean pages before me and as Natasha says I AM Unwritten. So what do I write? How do I create this next part?

Well first I need to get my ass into gear at work and create some revenue for myself. I have to pay down my credit cards and keep my head above water. I also need to have some play money for the trips and adventures Chris and I have discussed. We are even looking at ways to make these trips pay for themselves but more on that later....maybe.

And speaking of my newest character....he is going to help me with my planning for these other projects. He has a background that lends itself to some special skills and insights that will prove exceptionally helpful in the execution of my evil plans. I have done as much as I know how to do and gone as far as I can go on my own.

Now I know I need some heavy lifters to get me up to that next level. People like Michael who is helping my fitness by working with me as a personal trainer (if you are in Phoenix and would like his help let me know I can put you in touch- he has been great!). People like my yoga instructor Mary at Desert Song who is helping me with my mind, body connection (and totally told me I was rocking with how well my practice is progressing!). People like my boss Jason at TriStaff who believe in me professionally and will give me the opportunity to prove myself and even kick my ass when it needs kicked.

And brilliant,wonderful people like Chris who want to help me be the best me I can become. He is shaping up to be an excellent partner in crime for all my misadventures. Now is the time to fall back, regroup and then take down the bunker, decimate the enemy and win this fucking war once and for all!

Oh....and you guys. My fans and readers...I will never be able to tell you enough how much it means to me that you care enough to read along with me and support me. I can feel it all around me all the time and it helps. It really helps.

I have been trying for a long time to live my life as an example for others....whether that is an example of what to do or what NOT to do is for you to decide. The one thing I do have dialed in though is the fact that NO ONE does this alone. Social Media has cast a glaring light on that subject which I think is pretty awesome. We ARE connected, we do have this need to belong and be part of a group,to be part of anything that is bigger than we are. It makes us feel connected and part of the bigger picture even when you are at your weakest and most powerless....that's when you can turn to your network and just ask for help. A whisper or a shout....doesn't matter. Help will come because you are connected to others. Ask for help and it will be will be your soft place to land.

Athletes figure this out day one. They have people around them all the time supporting them and helping them grow. There is no reason why you can't have a stable of personal coaches for yourself. Have a list of people who you can go to for "x". You actually already have that list but I doubt you have taken the time to really think about and thank or just appreciate those people who are on your list. Do yourself and them a big favor and reach out to them today and say might be surprised that the person who gets a thanks is YOU!

We are not alone and we don't have to do any of it by ourselves. So thank you to my support team. I love you all and I wish many many blessing upon you as you have blessed me in ways I will need a lifetime to thank you for......

Got your plan?

Next step.....execute it!

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Chris George said...

Di tutti colores, la tua mente scintillii. Brava bella!