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Attention hollywood....your shows are getting predictable and lame. Why not inject some new life into them by borrowing some content from a fresh new face on the scene? Meet Tracey, she is single, ambitious and is really trying to make something of her life.....and yet it all goes wrong in some very right ways! Follow along with her life- you'll laugh, you'll cry. Is she more Ally McBeal or Ugly Betty? Let your viewers decide while you buckle up and enjoy the ride.

(deep cleansing sigh)

I TOLD you that you can't make shit like this up? Hollywood take note indeed. If my life was a sitcom it would be canceled because there is no way the audience could believe in all the twists that happen in my storyline.

So let us back up ::beep, beep, beep::: (that was my back up siren like on those big trucks-heh)

Not sure even where to begin actually and honestly at this point I don't want to make being "let go" (so much nicer than fired) into a big thing cuz when I look back a month, a year from now it is going to be such a tiny blip on my scale it will barely be worth remembering.

That being said, this does need documented for the TraceyTimeCapsule so here we go...

I guess I am just not that overly sensitive to weird vibe in a place. I tend to overlook them because I just don't see the point and my philosophy has always been to just get my shit done and not worry about how to play the game. I don't like weird little rules and I really don't like the "this is how -we- do it" thing. I do my job how it is supposed to me done. Period. And since I work in sales there really is no magic formula to get things done. It is contacts plus relationship building plus time equals sales....assuming you have a product or service people want to buy.

The product/concept I was selling is brilliant but here is the issue, you can't close deals on a brand new innovative concept in less than 3 weeks. I won't bore you with the details of the product and how unrealistic the expectations were- just know that they were- but the issue is there is they basically plug in random bodies and if there is no immediate production I guess they boot you.

It's the worst business model ever and I can see why the company is not taking off much faster. As a business professional it is sad for me to see because I keep running into these companies with fantastic potential to do amazing things but they miss the mark when it comes to how they deal with people.....and folks, its people who make the world go round.

Ok, so here is the brass tacks of what happened. I was trying to build a new territory, making dials and trying to get some conversations going. I was keeping my head down and just doing my job. Some of the guys would talk to me but not many- and I didn't mind. They started talking about how many people they have seen come and go (about 40 in the last year easy they said) and how they have these weird rules that they hold people to but don't always let people know what those rules are. Weird, but whatever. Then Friday afternoon rolls around and people start saying goodbye, one after the other heads start rolling and some says that this happens each payday. They look at the books and they decide who to cut.

As a new person this made me a little nervous but again, in sales you totally get used to it so no big. Then they asked for me.....

The 2 newly promoted team leaders marched me into the back conference room and told me they hadn't seen the activity it takes for someone to be successful here so they were letting me go. Now at this point it really doesn't matter what else is said or done because the decision has been made but I did get my point and feelings across for what it was worth. Stupid business decision, no support, unrealistic....blah blah blah. Not that it will change anything and again, this will be a blip on my screen so I packed up my shit and came home.

The bad part was just the wounded pride. I mean, they came after me and gave me a solid base. They recruited me and that always is a boostto the ol ego. I knew I could really be a heavy hitter there so for them to not see it and want me gone?? That stings....then there is my ever present block of not wanting anyone (you guys) to know I had once again fallen off my pedestal. That really sucks. Just when you feel something coming together and you feel like you have hit a new level the rug gets yanked out.

So friday night sucked. It was talking to a few key people- like my partner who brought me onboard in the first place- who all just wanted to "fix it". I was hit with all these people whipping into action mode and while it is GREATLY appreciated that was the time just to wallow in the suckiness of it all and not fix it. Not that second anyways.

And wallow I did, all night and then yesterday I forced myself to get out of bed and get my ass to yoga and just get centered. It helped. I could breathe again.

So I ran my normal weekend errands then got home and called my old boss at TriStaff (the place I originally left and was there for 1.5 yrs). He finally texted me back last night and I asked to come back and he said no problem.

Ta da

I am employed again.

If nothing else kids, let this be a lesson about never burning a bridge. My company has always been great to me and I left on as high a note as I could and was told when I left there would always be a place there for me. So that is that....

All in all just another loop-de-loo on the roller coaster that is my life and this one I won't even remember except as a weird story I will tell at parties.

But would this make an excellent 30 min show?? Oh Hollywood....I am ready for ya! I'll start working on material for my next episode now!!

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Chris George said...

Breathing is good. Centered is good. Opening a can of excitement about a new/renewed opportunity? Priceless.