Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ok, I admitted I am a change junkie and for that I make no apologies! It keeps things interesting you have to admit. Yes, stability has its place in the world but I like my roads with a few bumps in them otherwise how do you learn and grow?

I am very happy to report that this last move I made was a very good one indeed. It just fits. I was lucky enough a few years back to be part of something that made me feel like I was fighting the good fight. That it was the good guy against the world and we were in the trenches together and we were gonna make it happen no matter what. Over time that feeling faded and the culture became something I didn't buy into but I always did, and still do to this day, believe wholeheartedly in that dream. This company feels like old times in the best way.

I see in this company the passion and excitement and the make it happen no matter what feeling. There is a cool vibe in the office that is equal parts good people having fun and hard work. The crew is clearly talented and is some of the best of the best I have seen collected together in a long time. Its a group I am proud to belong to and with all due humility I feel I fit into very well. I mean that on a skill level but as important I just feel like these are "my" kind of people. We are doing some of the coolest stuff I have seen bringing together social media and healthcare- specifically nurses and if you want to know more just check out the website . For anyone who knows me you can see how this is dead center of my wheelhouse.

I have to say I really feel incredibly lucky to have found this opportunity and I intend to make the most of other words I don't expect to be updating my resume again soon anytime.

In other realms I did start working out with my friend Michael who is a freelance personal trainer (and also a coworker again which is just damned ironic!). Last night we didn't do anything to crazy just went through some exercises mainly so he could see where I am at ability wise and what ground zero is and design a plan for me. He did confirm that I have been over training along with my body just being bored with the same thing I have been doing- which I knew. So I am going to incorporate his workout into my routine and do my cardio on off day and still do my yoga class once a week. Hopefully that will balance things out and I will see things start heading in the right direction again on the scale. I want to be under 200 by the time I come home in July dammit!!!

So all in all after that crazy fucked up shit that went down last month I'd say the the April showers really are bring me a big beautiful bouquet of May flowers and I am loving it!!

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