Thursday, May 7, 2009

Change junkie

Today was my last day at my new old job- that is opposed to my new new job that I am starting on Monday. So lesse.....that makes 3 jobs in 4 weeks, yeah sounds like my life.

:::standing up::::

Hello, my name is Tracey Luann Herrick and I am a change junkie.

Shocked aren't you? Yeah, didn't think so. I knew I wasn't fooling anyone least of all myself. Truth is I have always felt a burning desire to shake things up and keep em shook. If my life wasn't the one changing I was pushing, or nudging, someone else to change. You probably don't want to take me with you shopping cuz I am the one who will talk you right into that impulse buy and help you feel great about getting the pretty sparkly new thing (especially if it really DOES sparkle).

But to me change is what life is all about. Getting out on the skinny branches of life, pushing yourself, trying new things. I go home to Iowa and I can't believe that is where I came from. Do not get me wrong- I am very proud of my midwestern roots and am proud to be from Iowa. I love the people and its always where I will call home but it is so far from where I started it almost doesn't seem like I ever lived there. I talk to my family and friends who have lived there all their lives and it baffles me. I could not imagine living there. At all. For anytime period...and I for damn sure know I will never move back (frickin snow in APRIL...oh no, I did not forget THAT). But that is me....

I just did the math in my head and since I left Iowa I have had (gulp) 11 jobs.

I was pretty stable in Chicago and in 5 years I only had 2 jobs. And I moved there specifically to get out of the one and be in a bigger pond when I was ready to make a move. And then I moved to Phoenix and lots of change began to happen. This is why my life here has been so extraordinary- so much keeps happening. I spoke with someone today who was cruising my LinkedIn profile and she commented on how "colorful" my background is....I am thinking that was code for "damn- you sure get around". Now in my defense, except for the first job I had when I got here (selling toner- tres glamorous) I have always stayed in the same industry (employment) and all my moves have made least to me.

I have to say though that it is def my fault for the hopping. I am a homeowner so as much as I get the itch to move I can't do that right now. I don't know that I want to leave Phoenix. For those who don't know or understand the culture here I have to explain because it is very unique. I have had the occasion to talk to thousands of people who live in all kinds of metro areas (big cities) and Phoenix is by far the most networked town there is. It is the biggest small town you have ever heard of and what I mean by that is, in this town it is ALL about who you know.

Take my recent experience...I was offered 2 jobs in 2 weeks by former coworkers who I maintained a relationship with even after we parted ways. These jobs weren't posted and the only way they were even available to me is because of who I knew and how I built my reputation. Period. Even in this economy I was able to swing myself back up to the top of the tree after getting knocked down a branch or 2 in weeks. And I didn't even make any calls, those jobs found me. Further, I was able to bring onboard to my old new job a good friend of mine who has been looking for 2 months and has found nothing suitable and I think I found my own replacement today who is someone I met once 2 years ago and thought highly enough of to keep in touch over the years and I am pretty sure she will be taking over for me.

I kinda feel now like my whole reason for being at my old new job was to do a little shedding of light into what was wrong (and there is a lot) and identify the talent to come in and fix it (not me). The people I was able to connect are perfect for that company and I think they will thrive there so all in all I think I left the place better than I found it even if I was only there 3 weeks (and not even a full 3 weeks at that).

And now I believe it is time for me to get focused for this new challenge. I can tell this is big because a) it fell into my lap so easily and I really really believe that when you are walking the path that you were meant to walk the universe rewards you with good things and b) I am really nervous and excited about it.

My time at the companies I have been at in the last 3 years (5 jobs) has not been my best work. It's not that I don't think I didn't do good work or was not productive and its not even that I didn't enjoy my time there. Each had their good and bad points but I didn't really plug into any of them and get really focused. And I am not bragging here kids but I gotta say- when I get focused I am good. I am damn good. And its those moments that people have remembered me for and how I have built and maintained a great reputation. My life is dotted with moments of brilliance that I store up like nuts and cash them in when I need to make a splash.

So much has happened in my personal life in the last few years. I wonder how my time at each company might have been different if events had played out differently. But we can't know that and things happen for a reason. Life is a series of stepping stones and you can only keep walking your path (just keep swimming) and build with every step you take. For better or worse this is where my path has lead me, I think its mostly for better.

Everything has lead me up to this point and now with my bulk of my personal drama behind me (quick, someone knock on some wood). I am ready to suck it up, get super focused and make this new position part of the next great chapter of my life. I will be joining some dear friends who I have been so important in my life in the past and I look forward to being brilliant once again!

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Deb said...

You are brilliant every day!