Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The New Boy

So yeah, you may have noticed I have been a bit twitterpatted today. Oh the highs and lows in my life...after having a very downward spiraling start to the weekend I had lunch with my bestie (can 30 somethings use that term??) Patti and she helped me lift the fog a little. She was a great date (even though she didn't put out- hrumpft) and I felt much better after. So much better that I decided to stick my toe back in the dating pond and I dusted off my online profile on the dating site I have been sorta kinda not really using.

So I got online and was perusing profiles when I saw this quirky, medium cute guy and I am a big fan of those things and yadda yadda yadda we emailed, we spoke (once I get em on the phone I can close the deal- I am gooood on the phone) and viola I had a date for Monday night (pic is me right before leaving for said date).

***btw, this truly will be a FB fan only post cuz either in a fit of brilliance or an act of stupidity I sent him the link to my blog so he is reading it all tonight (gulp)

***I changed my mind- fuck it if he is a keeper let him see it all right?? (hi!)

So we meet at a place near me (Biltmore Fashion Square) and had a healthy dinner (no small feat). It was my suggestion, I should say my second suggestion cuz the first place I picked was closed for the Holiday- he called ahead to make sure (awww).
We talked easily....he is super smart, as in he graduated high school when he was 13. He is Canadian and has duel citizenship. Oh...and he works for the airline and can TRAVEL FOR FREE! Hellloooooo dating perk! He has already promised me many "adventures" and told me I need to get my passport (he wants to take me to Asia- wait, there is no white slave trade there right??)

So the convo flowed then we walked around the mall (he grabbed my hand right away- bonus points!) and then we sat to people watch for a bit. You can usually spot the random quasi-celebrity at this mall but I gotta say I wasn't looking to sharp for celebs my attentions were def focused elsewhere.... like on his lips. At this point I gotta say I am nearly trembling from the chemistry and me not being one to wait I just had to leave over and kiss him. So I did.

God, is there anything better than a great first kiss? I ask you....


Then today has been a flurry of fun texts.....(deeeep sigh)

Now.....you may have noticed that I have never EVER posted about a guy (btw in a Canadian accent that would be "a-boot" hehehe) this early in the game. I usually wait for the trainwreck to happen before I give the post mortem and god knows I could be putting a MAJOR jinx on this (and feel free to point that out later- I am sure some of you will) but I have never been this hopeful or felt this good about a new guy before. Not in a long time, many never. There is huge crash and burn potential here but I have decided I am just gonna go with it and see what happens and enjoy the feeling.

I do love this feeling....where it is all shiny and new and I get that woosey flashback thing happening when I remember how he touched me or how his kisses feel.....Mmmmmmmm. And god knows I have been wrong about this before but I think he digs me. I really do....and doesn't THAT fucking rock?

So yeah....that's the update. And now I am going to go write my name hyphenated with his all over the cover of my Trapper Keeper

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW FRAN???? heheheh ;)

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Frances Gorde said...

I am giggly-happy like a little school girl. Hehehehehehe. I think no matter what happens from here-HOW FUN???!!! What a great night??!!! Perfect holiday! How adorable is he buying a new shirt for your date? EEEEEEEEE!!!! I can't wait for more!!!