Friday, May 8, 2009

Just what I wanted

So I had my perfect day of unemployment today. It was heaven....I got up without an alarm (unless you count the frolicking children in the playground right outside my window at 8am an alarm). I got up and totally took my time getting ready for the day then I headed out to meet a friend for coffee and some people watching at Biltmore Fashion Square Mall (where the plastic people shop). Had a great time relaxing and catching up with my friend Jeremy then I scooted off to meet my friend Kammie for a lunch at La Grande Orange (LGO for locals).

For those outside of Phoenix this place is a super cute quirky restaurant with a market attached that sells tons of great wine. The store is know for wine and pastries (REALLY kick ass cakes by Tammy Coe) and the restaurant has the best gourmet pizza at night. It has a very cool new world vibe and at lunch they do salads and sammiches. Which is what we had....we got to do the big catch up and then were forced to do a bit of shopping so we could have cash back to tip the poor valet boys. It was over 100 degrees so a tip was in order- even if they do force you to valet. It's a weird location- right smack in the middle os a residential neighborhood and there is literally zero parking. So I scored myself a LGO tshirt which I added to my workout clothes collection.

:::total side note, it is still unreal to me that I can finally do something like that. Just pick up a shirt "off the rack" and know it will fit. Trust me, when you are a 3x you can't do that! I got an XL but after putting it on I coulda got by with a Large- imagine that!!:::::

Then I headed home and returned some calls before heading off to my movie. I have prepaid tickets that I got last year (discounted of course) BUT the catch is they are not good for new releases. I occasionally disagree with this policy and got my ticket for an older movie but totally snuck into Star Trek. I'll give it a B as far as plot goes but I must tip my hat and give them an A for casting. I will let my inner geek outta the bag for a second and admit I am a STNG fan (Star Trek Next Generation) and am a Picard girl BUT the new Kirk is totally yummy. I wouldn't mind being an alien in his world if ya know whadda I mean (and I suspect you do, and did even without the bad pun).

Then I worked out.....viola the perfect day off. It was exactly what I wanted and now I have the whole weekend to chill out and get focused for the new new gig on Monday.

And now some loose ends from updates I was not able to include before....

Vegas trip:

I mentioned that in my crazy weekend of having my sister in town I flew to Vegas for a day for meeting for my side business. It was good info but I have to admit I was ready to chew glass when they brought out the Christian singers at 11am to sing "Dream the Impossible Dream" - I was ready to claw out my own eyeballs.Remember I had been up since 4 am and the night just refused to end...and didn't until 1:30 am. On the upside I did get to meet and talk to multi-millionaires so that was cool.

Then I got up and snuck out of my mentors hotel room at 7am where she was so kind as to lend me her couch to doze on and my very good friend Steph picked me up for breakfast at the Hard Rock Hotel. We went to Mr. Lucky's and had the best spinach omelet I have ever had! And random pseudo celeb sighting we saw Evel Dick from Big Brother all hung over as hell having breakfast. My sister and I are big BB fans so this was kinda cool. My girl Jess joined us and got caught up since I hadn't seen either of them in a long long time. Oh, and Steph had the best she pulled up I was walking outside and I could see her mouth the words "OH MY GOD" as she recognized me and got out of the car to come give me a hug. I figure I have a limited amount of big reactions I am gonna get- at least from people who know me. But fear not Iowa peeps....everyone who sees me in person say there is a big difference from what you can see in my FB pics so there will still be something to look forward to when I come home in July.

Then on the plane from Vegas to Phoenix Marcel from Top Chef was on the flight. Not very impressive but that was my brushes with semi -not even close-to greatness semi celebs.

Hmmmmm, trying to think if there is anything else that went on last month that was random and didn't make it in any other blog.

I think that was it other than I got my first commission check from my side business and everyone who has ordered products from me really likes what they have got. I honestly have not had one person say they didn't dig what they ordered. If anyone has any questions about any of the products just let me know. My new obsession is the wild yam vitamin c treatment it is a topical facial treatment and since I have been using it my skin is all soft and dewy Love it! And for all the Phoenix peeps we are doing a spa on the 17th so save the date!! Email me for details....

And a matter of fact I DID just finally figure out how to use links in my blog so I hope you enjoy them :) are updated! Enjoy the weekend kids!!

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