Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I may need a hug...or something

I feel like blogging but don't have anything specific to say so we will see where some free form thinking takes us....scary.

Actually with my new job being ALL about social media I have been thinking alot about it and that's probably why I am practically begging people to love me on Facebook and be my fans (which you can be.....there is a link to my FB fan page on the right side of this very page- see how easy I make it for you?) I know its sad and pathetic to beg but dammit love me people, love me!! It's such a vain thing to want people to be your "fans" (it's very Idol kids second week and figuring out more than 10 people know who they are and thinking they are rock gods) and yet I keep thinking about how easy it is to get something "viral", it only takes a few people blasting something into cyber space and a few others pick it up and before you know you have the video of "Chocolate Rain" emailed to you and THAT guy gets a record deal! I could -so- be that guy. Except white, and a girl and get a book deal not a record deal. Trust me, no one wants me to have a record deal....details.

Anyways so I apologize for blasting but you have to understand I will never be able to take over the world until I have more people under my evil powers.....hmmm was this free form blog a good idea? Too soon to tell. Better keep reading.

In other news I am getting into planning mode for my Boonie Birthday Bash (ooooh, I smell a t-shirt idea) it occured to me this week that some kind of planning should happen beyond me buying a plane ticket and showing up. I have my sister starting the ball rolling but the floor is open for suggestions as well as filling up my calendar.

For all you Boone folk (my hometown for those who aren't aware of the charming village that I sprang forth from- and who the hell knew they had a website??) this trip is all about hanging with my friends so feel free to plan and demand my attendance at whatever events you like and first come first serve on the schedule.

I am very much looking forward to having a party cuz (que the pity party theme) since I had a summer birthday I never ever had a big party. When I was younger all my friends were always camping (yeah, I am looking at you Wilkening's) and when I got older everyone blew their party wad the weekend before with the big 4th of July party weekend. I know, tragic.....

So needless to say the idea of a party for me has me kinda geeked out, even if it was my idea and I am planning, kinda how things go in my world. I'd wait for a suprise or let things magically unfold but the thing is....if I do that nothing seems to happen. Ever. Control freak or person who gets things done? You be the judge....

Sooooooo that's what I have for now. Wow it all kinda falls under the "apparently Tracey has a bit too much time/energy and perhaps needs some attention". Indeed that might be the case. I either need more blog readers/fans OR a boyfriend OR a drink OR to go workout s'more.

I will contemplate those choices while I wait to see who calls me first with that concerned tone of "really, are you OK?" tone first.....or IM's me on Facebook.

Btw, believe it or not today started with everyone asking why I was in such a bad mood? Oh if they could see me now.... ;)

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