Sunday, September 28, 2008

By Popular Demand -or- over 1000 served (and counting)

By Popular Demand -or- over 1000 served (and counting)

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Yes it's true my public has been clammering for a new post, all Tracey all the time is what the public wants and who am I to deny such a simple request? Ok, so it was one person but demand has to start some where right? (and thanks Jenn :) )

It's kind of an odd thing writing this blog for y'all to enjoy. Myspace does me the favor of letting my know how many people have clicked on (and presumably read) my blog and that number is 1104 as of today (if Blogger has the same feature I have not found it and if I have missed it please someone let me know). It has been a great tool for me and writing is good for me (and hopefully entertaining for you). I do try and mix it up because when I transfered this to blogger I re-read a lot of postings from earlier in the year and if I ever needed proof my life is nothing if not an emotional roller coaster I have hard core evidence now. I really do have plenty of "up" moments, which I try to share as equally as my "down" ones but you guess which ones will draw me to the computer to write it out. I also need to be inspired to write. If you are curious about my "creative process", you know artiste that I am...I usually come up with the title first then use that as a jumping off point. My titles amuse me immensely.

Right now I am having a "blah" moment. Actually, that's not exactly right. My thoughts are "blah" but I am going through some deep thoughts in the back of my mind so the rest of the chorus that makes up my many inner voices have kind of gone silent. Ergo, not so much to write about since things in my head are on simmer right now. Not sure if it will lead into anything but that is where I am at.

So the boring updates-which even I get sick of thinking about and reporting all the time. I mean, I know the main purpose of this blog is to keep my friends and family informed and educated about what is going on with me but every so often I do get a pang of "c'mon, who really give a flying fuck about all this/me??" So there, my ego does have limits. Who knew?
Ok, ok...the updates: I have a "light" week at my weigh in and lost 2 lbs this week for a grand total of 112lbs to date. I knew it would be light, I can always tell. I know it was because I was way out of my routine this week. Remember when I asked you guys (talking to my Phx peeps here) to invite me out to be more social? Well no one replied (thanks- heh j/k, kinda) but I did have a dinner with a client (which went well) and a networking event where I reconnected with a good friend (hi Derek!) so hopefully we will be hanging soon. Then I had something Thursday night too which I forget right now....anyways I got thrown off my schedule of getting home, doing my leg therapy, eating dinner, rolling my bandages, wrapping my legs....all by 8pm so my legs have a good 8 hours wrapped to keep the swelling down. Well, none of that happened this week. I got it all done but usually not until after 10pm and that caused my legs to puff up ergo cutting into my weight loss. Catch 22 of wanting to do more....welcome to my life eh? So right now my legs are super puffy but I have had more of a social life than I have in the past few weeks. Worth it? Sure, why not. And as long as I keep loosing every week (and not gaining anything!!) I guess I am ok.

The other semi-interesting news is I am going to start yoga classes. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I asked a client of mine (who's wife owns her own yoga studio but its way far away from me -Desert Ridge) for referrals and there is a studio a mile from my house. They have an intro series that starts Oct 7th that goes for 6 weeks so yesterday I signed up! I am nervous and excited. This will be the first exercise class I have ever been in- outside of gym in high school (oh the horror of remembering being forced to run around the track having to heave my body forward inch my inch while my classmates jogged by with pity in their eyes, oh yah, I felt the stares). I know I will look a fool and it will take awhile before I can do everything but I am excited to get started and have had several indications/validations that is was the right thing for me to do right now. Much more on this later I am sure.

So that's me as of right now. I hope all 1104 of you (let's be honest, half of that was prolly me re-reading what I wrote) have liked what I have put out there for you and I really love comments so please leave me your thoughts/feedback cuz I'd love to hear it all.

And Downward I come. And I apologize in advance to the poor person who gets stuck behind me. :(


Erika said...

Good for you on starting the yoga class. I've been thinking for quite awhile I should sign up for a yoga class. Maybe, you'll be my inspiration to sign up for one too! :) E

Monty S. said...

i may not get here right after you write this, but i think it is a good thing to do.
there is always the catch 22 on things.
hopefully as you get closer to your goal and mayb even past your goal it will be less important to be mummified as long. mayb the yoga will help the puffy you are experiencing. who knows? i know i do not know.
it seems that the down and or trying times really show you what you are made of. it shows how determined you are to make something happen. it shows you how you can bounce back from adversity. it lets you vent and mayb regain some sanity in the process.
Good Luck Tracey!!