Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never Forget

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never forget

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I wanted to take a time out to honor and remember all those who are among the fallen on 9/11 and for those who continue to serve and protect our freedom, liberty and our very lives.
I vividly recall sometime in the week following the tragedy feeling the stirrings of something I had never really felt before- patriotism. I am proud to say that I did become a patriot that day and that feeling has never left me.

I am sure we all have a thousand memories and stories that we can share of that day (and will probably be sharing with coworkers and family all day long) but the thing that stuck with me and that I'd like to share with you is when all the tv shows started coming back on air. I caught Letterman's first episode "after" and he made a small speech instead of his usual opening jokes. He was talking about the images that are forever seered into our hearts and minds and the all the people and the sheer bravery that happened that week and he said (I shall paraphrase) "I don't know anyone in this city, or even country who isn't afraid right now but I believe now is a time for courage...and the definition of courage is being afraid, but doing it anyway."

As a personal favor I would like you all to click on my profile and click on the video "The Fireman's Prayer". My brother Troy would be happy to have you look at that (as it is posted in his memory) and help him, me, all of us send our prayers (or whatever is it you chose to do) to those who have fallen, those who will fall but mostly for those who will always be standing to protect us all.

We will never forget......

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