Monday, September 1, 2008

Alice ain’t got nuttin on me

Monday, September 01, 2008

Alice ain’t got nuttin on me

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Such a cleaning frenzy is going on at my house today I have officially scared myself!!
Here is a list of what has happened thus far:

  • all glass cleaned (coffee table, end 90'2 must replace soon) and mirrors
    all surfaces dusted

  • reconsidered how dusting does not kill germies so all surfaces then scrubbed with Agent Orange cleaning stuff

  • bathroom sinks scrubbed and chrome stuff windexed (and then also rescrubbed with germ killing stuff)

  • toliet cleaned- outside scrubbed then Clorox toliet wanded (all wands= good)
    while rummaging cleaning supplies I forgot I had found a toliet tablet, bleachy thing so chucked it in the bowl

  • all counters in kitchen scrubbed (now fully into the swing of the cleaning thing using the Agent Orange stuff first!! haha!)

  • Comet-ed the kitched sink.....smell reminds me of getting punishments as a kid and being forces to clean.... :::ding:::: THAT's why I hate cleaning!! **** note to parents- beware!!
    cleaned out microwave (aka- the box without which I would surely starve)

  • :::glanced at stove:::: another day my friend

  • scrubbed top of stove

  • cleaned tray thingies the burners sit on that catch the crumbs and spills

  • LIFTED UP THE HOOD OF THE COOKTOP and cleaned under there (did not realize you could do this until well into my 20's, sad but true)

  • swept floor in kitchen and bathroom (would have mopped aka Swiffer wet-ted it but sadly out of floor mopping stuff)

  • folded and put away laundry that was done on sat just not hung up (this is actually unusual, I am usually v. good at putting stuff away)

  • changed sheets

  • took out 2 bags of garbage and one bag full of plastic water jugs (I buy the 1 gallon jugs)

  • Febreeze-d all soft surfaces

  • lit my oil burned and am now enjoying the sent of "sweet pea" all over my house (from White Barn- LOVE this stuff,just ordered 5 bottles of oil so will never ever run out of it)

  • may or may not complete the frenzy with vaccuming...still deciding although now running out of steam

Seriously- I mean I know its my house and all and no one evere gives out "Congrats, you cleaned you own home!!" awards (although they should) that is a heck of a list. I even used up many items and even have a list of replacement cleaning supplies I need to buy! (yes, I have on there "oven cleaner" I'll get you next time!!)

And for the record- No I am not for hire

:::damn, now I need to re-do my nails:::::

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