Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Score one for me...make that 2!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Score one for me...make that 2!!

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Remember last week's drama of the mean ol therapist who told me I was no longer a patient at the lymphodema clinic and that I would have to wait a few weeks to "get put back on the list"? Well....I had my appointment today and the GREAT news is a) my therapist did not charge me for the visit (yay!) and b) her solution worked perrrrrrfectly!

What she did actually took less then 5 mins so that would have been a very pricy $40 visit if she had charged me. She ended up doing exactly what I was thinking would be the solution (yeah, that's right I am ready for my M.D.!) which is to place a bit of foam over the area the compression garment was digging into. She also gave me some stuff to put over the sore on the left leg which is not healing as quickly as the one on the right. She did say that there is no infection so my using a whole tube of neosporin on it seems to have done the trick. The hard part is squeezing this foam underneath a garment that is designed to constrict in and not allow extra stuff inside. THAT should be good, good fun tomorrow a.m. when I have to do it myself. I must admit it is pretty comical to watch 2 middle age ladies squat on the floor at your feet pulling and twisting this stocking up my leg.....oh wait, I am having flashbacks of that awful "My Big Foot" TLC show . Nevermind. (ick)

Also.....in all my cleaning frenzy glory I did not mention my trip up the mountain to Prescott, AZ on sunday. It was about 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix was (70's) but it was still humid.

***Special note for trivia fans.....Prescott is the home of the real clock tower from the movie Back to the Future (got that McFly??) I tried to take a pic but there was too much stuff in the way (damn trees).

Anyways....there is a festival there (a la Pufferbilly Days for all you Boone folks- for all you non-Boone folks I don't have the time to explain what a Pufferbilly is or why you would care about it even if you knew) called "Fair on the Square" and it's where I got the cool blue necklace that so many people have complimented me on- more than any piece of jewelery I have ever owned! So I loaded up on some new bling! I even picked up a few fashion rings which is odd cuz I am not a huge "ring person" but I found 3 super cute ones and when I asked for the "charming customer" discount she gave me one of them for free!! Yay!!

Sooooooo universe...let's go to the BIG BOARD. You won last week's round (I will give you that) but so far in September it's Tracey 2 Universe 0.

Suck it Universe...mmmmwwwwhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! (evil laugh)

uhhhhh, unless the Universe is listening which in that case I am totally kidding and I would never ever mock the all consuming power of the Universe and its ability to make my life hell as evidenced by the past, well 38 years! Love ya Universe- props to ya bro!! (chest pound followed by flashing the "V"...I saw that on Mtv!!)


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