Saturday, March 14, 2009

To Think is to Create

This week has been a mixed bag for me....I have swung wildly between being vry excited about some new projects in my world and being flat out paniced about things as well.

Let's get the not so great stuff out of the is scary. Unfortunately anyone in any kind of consulting role will tell you things are tough for us right now because our clients typically pay us a fee to do things they CAN do for themselves but either can't do them well or don't have the time to do them.Well right now they don't have a choice and things are bleak and scary and I just don't know what's gonna happen. I am keeping a positive attitude because failure is never an option and even if I did want to bail (which I don't) there aren't a ton of sexy offers out there and I think if I moved it would be the same problem just different geography. So there is big insights or words of wisdom. I just don't want fear to win.

In my other world things are brighter. Since Jan when I went onto maintenance I have lost 30 lbs so roughly that is 15 lbs a month. I am 87 lbs away from my goal so by that math I should hit my goal of 145 in Aug. A little delayed but I am ok with that. I was talking to a friend yesterday who thinks I am insane to be shooting for 145. My blessing (if you want to call it that) was even at 418 no one would have guessed I weighed that number so it it may very well be that I get to 160 and look fabulous. I told him I am not at all stuck on a number but rather where I am healthy and fit and feel good. If that is 160 so be it. But there is also the skin you all know I am looking into surgery for that. Hopefully Oprah will get my letter (yes I emailed Oprah, can't hurt right??)

And of course my new biz venture ties right into my weight loss. I apologize in advance if I start sounding like a commercial for my biz. Please know that I in no way expect anyone to drop everything and order stuff off my site just cuz I talk about it. That being said I would love to help people get to where I am trying to get and make fewer mistakes than I did. I tried and liked these products so well I decided to buy them and then decided to buy them from myself instead of someone else. And the fact that we sell "green products" which I have been striving to do more of in my life just sealed the deal for me (those are found on the "other" tab on the website btw) again, I might mentioned these products and my website but no expectations. Cool?

I did get my first order which I have to say I was all giddy about. Granted it was my sister but still....pretty cool. And I know she would rather pay me than WalMart so win win right? :)

Building this business will be a challenge but I strongly believe that every household needs multiple streams of revenue coming in and I have been considering many different business ventures for a long long time. This business is something I have been looking at for 3 years. It was when my lifestyle changed that it finally made sense to me to do it.

Ok, now I am feeling guilty for sounding like an informercial when you read this to be entertained. Dance monkey dance!!

I went back to yoga class today after my hiatus. I never meant to stop going but somehow it fell off the schedule but I got my ass up for the 8am class and am sooo glad I did. I can tell a huge difference from the last time I went. I was able to do some poses today that there was no way I was able to do the last round. I recall my inner dialogue going something like this during some of the more challenging poses last time..."you have to be FUCKING kidding me" and "you want me to grab what and hold??" but this time I was able to do them no problem. Hellllllo downward dog- woof. Who's your bitch now?? (get it, female dog is a bitch....yes? no....anyways) AND I bought a package of 10 classes so I have to go back. Yay me.

I even went above and beyond and still worked out on the treadmill even though I did yoga this morning. And then of course I did the thing I always worry that I am going to do (perfect example of "to think is to create" btw, I thought about it happening and it did). I locked my keys in the fitness room. The door has an autolock and I left my keys in the cupholder thingy on the treadmill. FUCK!! I stood outside for a minute and asked some random neighbors for their keys with no luck. Then I knocked on my neighbor's door (the only neighbor who's name I know- matt) and no go. So then I decided to go door to door. I walked to the next door and there it was, the very key I needed sticking out of the door's lock. They had left their keys in the door! I knocked and knocked and no one was home. I had a quick ethics review in my head and decided there was nothing wrong with taking the keys, going to fetch MY keys back then returning the neighbor's keys right where I left them. So I did....I gotta think that was karma working somehow. Doncha think?

Ok....parting thoughts.

FEAR....everyone is scared right now about something so now is the time to have a little COURAGE and for me, the definition of courage is: being afraid....but doing it anyway.


Think about what you want to happen not what you are afraid might happen. Thoughts create reality- to think IS to create. Might as well create a great world....and always have a spare key


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