Monday, March 23, 2009

Dead On

This was my horoscope for today and it was so dead on I had to post....

You are in a long-term phase when influential people are in your life and the changes they go through will slowly force you to go through your own metamorphosis. Now, however, you also may be take a hit in the pocketbook, which places you under additional pressure. Even if this isn't an easy transition, don't waste your energy on attempting to suppress the process. Letting go of old habits is required before you can begin to develop healthier ones.

Also I want to thank Mary, Charlotte, Karen and Toni (extra props for being first btw- told ya I'd give you props inmy blog) for ordering off my website. As I told them seeing orders makes me squeal like a little girl and when I saw the first one I peed a little....TMI??

So far the sugar scrub is the big favorite- which I am a fan of followed closely by the Rhodiola I recommend for workouts which I LOVE (like crack without the fear of being toothless).

Oh, and in case you haven't heard yet....I HAVE LOST 190 POUNDS BITCHES!!!!!! YEAH!!!!

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