Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who Needs a Magic Feather?

So I am about to head into week 3 of "the break" and the results so far are OK. I had my weigh in on Friday and I gained 2 lbs. However I weigh myself everyday and these mysterious 2 lbs decided to appear literally overnight. Thursday when I weighed myself I was flat (no gain) as were the proceeding 7 days. Friday *boom* 2 new lbs spring up but now this morning (sat.) they are gone again. If you find these missing 2 lbs please do NOT return them to me....

I do think I know what happened. I think it was a combo of just plain old PMS water retention (hate being a girl somedays) PLUS I need to make a slight adjustment to my workout routine. What I have been doing is getting home, changing into workout stuff then heading straight over to the gym cuz let's face it, if I sit down for 5 mins I am done for the day.

So I hit the treadmill for 30 mins (love my ipod) and then come home, wrap up my bandages (yes I still have to wrap up my legs in the 5 layers of bandages everynight) then make and eat dinner about 7:30ish (then wrap my legs for the night- the fun never ends with lymphodema).

The problem with this is I need to have some more protein to burn before I work out. In other words, I need to fill up before I hit the road for a roadtrip.

So the "fix" is that I bought some of those tuna cups and that is now my late afternoon "snack" so I have protein right before I work out. I guess the "rule" is have 2 oz. of protein for every 100 calories you burn and I have been burning about 200-250 per workout session. The tuna cups are about 2.5 oz so its right where I should be. Hopefully that will help and I won't gain. I am fully prepared to not gain or loose this month (although they told me I should still drop some, just a much smaller amt- 5lbs) but I will NOT gain. Fuck no, no way!

I am not freaking out or anything and I also know that muscle weighs more than fat so if I did gain that would most likely be the reason since I am being very careful and have not gone over 1200 since I started the break. I have been keeping my food journal updated daily along with how much I worked out each day.

I will miss the treadmill when I go back on the diet for my final leg of the journey but that will only be for a few months then I will be back.

And speaking of working out....please, oh god please, remind me to never ever wear just a tank top to work out again. Last night when I went I had a tank with a sweater hoodie over it. I got hot so I peeled off the sweater and kept chugging along. That is, until I felt and extra breeze....

Seriously, it is getting so obvious that I have lost a boatload of weight because of all the sagging skin. It looks awful but the worst parts of it generally get hidden by my clothes and are covered away from the world and available only for my own viewing displeasure (for now). Seriously need to step up the find free surgery train....ick.

As I was working out I became totally distracted by watching my arms flap.

Really, there is no other way to describe it. If I was Dumbo I am sure I could fly with these things! They kept swinging to and fro and I would glance down to look at it swaying- one time I nearly got a black eye when I misjudged that velocity of the backswing.

THANK GOD no one came in while I was there. I peeled off my sweater OK while in motion but I don't think I could have put it back on while walking without seriously injuring myself.

I went today to get new workout gear. All the pants I have been working out in are waaaay to big and right now, too big means too much room for jiggling. My thighs are so droopy it is....gross if you ask me. It's the catch22 of the good news of the weight loss. Not that I am not, or have not been realistic about what will need to happen but until I get to the final part....which will be hitting weight goal AND getting a body lift I just won't be satisfied.

I started a countdown of when I can get back on the full diet. 24 days until I begin the last part of Phase 1. Phase 2 is getting the surgery done.

It will be very exciting to get back to the diet knowing its the beginning of the end but I haven't decided if this break is good or not. I know it's good in the sense that it is healthy for my body but I have really started to enjoy eating "real people" food again and have discovered a deep love for Boston Cream Pie Yogurt from Yoplait (110 calories of yumminess).

We shall see....

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