Saturday, December 13, 2008

Personal and Professional Goals for 2009


1. Hit goal weight of (at or about) 145 lbs
2. Get clean bill of health (cholesterol, lymphodema)
3. Begin a exercise program, in addition to yoga
4. Spend quality time with my family- go home for a visit
5. Get a pet
6. Pay off all credit cards- raise credit score
7. Write more- get blog more readers
8. Paint my condo
9. Take art class
10. DOE (depending on economy) re-enroll and finish degree


1. Bill min of 200k perm
2. Build staffing to profitable (x)
3. Have 10 new billing clients plus bill with all 6 current clients
4. Lead Phoenix office to top 3 TriStaff offices
5. Support Michael to build billing clients
6. Focus on activity- self and team
7. Hire new recruiter/office manager
8. Become VP of AZSalesPro’s
9. Build TriStaff brand in Phoenix- RankingAZ, etc
10. Write professional articles (AZ Republic, SJN)

Ok, so these are my goals for 2009. I invite you all to put together your own goals and if you would care to share them I think there is a BIG value in letting others know what you want to accomplish and asking them to help hold you accountable and keep you on track and focused on meeting and exceeding your goals.
I wish everyone luck in whatever you plan for next year!

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