Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend home

So I made it back from Iowa.....fricking snow in April!!! Toni's said it was Grandma's way of saying "see??? I TOLD YOU I didn't want anything done after I died."
It was obviously an emotional trip and now that I am back home it feels like I was gone a million years instead of just a few days...I am trying to catch up with my life (which I am now joining already in progress) but I did want to post a quick note of thanks for all the great comments andcompliments on my Grandma posts.Thanks to those of you who knew her and had stories to share (feel free to leave more in the comments section) and for those who told me their "grandma stories". Grandma's are special people. I only ever had one Grandma but the one I had was the most specialist one of them all and I was blessed to have her in my life and now have her as my own angel.
I will catch you up later on some very special moments (including my newest tat- Grandma approved I might add, if you can't wait check out FB or myspace to see the pics) but thanks for the love and was felt by my whole family.
Blog atcha soon!

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