Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Daily Routine

By request I am posting a list of the Nutrilite products I am using- I am tagging those who have asked or I thought might be interested so feel free to disregard or ask me any questions. You can get all of these on my website :)

Double X vitamins- 10 day supply is item #A-4318

Cal Mag D (calcium with vitamin D) item #A-5880

Ocean Essentials (fish oil) item# A-8914

Slimmetry( enhances weight loss) 10-5348

Carb Blocker 10-0193

100 calorie Snack Bars (my faves are cranberry crunch and chocolate caramel)

Twist tubes- to flavor water (raspberry for joint health is my fave)

200 calorie meal replacement bars (fave =lemon twist)

Rhodiola- this has been HUGE for my workouts item # 10-1593

Chocolate Nut roll Energy Bar- has whey protein in it for workouts item #10-6528

Protein shakes (strawberry, vanilla and choc flavors, all good)

XS energy drinks- vitamin B in a can- no carbs or sugar = no crash

If you are just starting a weight loss program and want a whole system there is also a TrimSystem Kit which includes a lot of the above items item # 10-1997

How I use this stuff:

Breakfast= protein shake

Vitamins 2x'sa day: Double X , cal mag,fish oil, slimmetry

snacks (10 am and 2-3pm) 100 calorie snack bars or Yogurt

3 liter of water p/day with twist tubes for flavor

lunch/dinner= 300 calories

Rhodiola right before workout and energy bar before or after (sometimes in place of snack)

It might seem like a long list but it has been pretty each to work it all into my routine and again, I am happy to answer any questions.

Thanks and enjoy!

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