Thursday, April 16, 2009

FB Fan Bonus- Jump Rope Story

So I have decided to reward my fans with mini blog like stories....for instance the Jump Rope Story.

I was so ungodly bored today at work today- as I am quitting and therfore highly unmotivated to do anything at all resembling work- so I put the phones on hold and went shopping at Target. I had to buy all new bra's (the one thing I wish was not getting smaller) and I also bought a yoga strap (Fran will appreciate that) and a jump rope.

Why is God's name did I buy a jump rope do you ask? And if you are asking...fair question. Well its like this- I drive home through the 'hood. I take the side streets cuz the highway by my house is a total Indy 500 free for all during rush hour and this side streets are....well let's just use the PC term "urban".

One of the places I drive by is a Boxing center. There are always a ton of super cut (and fuggly as hell) boxers outside jumping rope just like they do in the boxing movies- you know where they jump then swing the rope in front of them all criss-crossy and cool looking? Everynight I see this and it has gotten me all obsessed with jumping rope. Great cardio, mix up my workout...all good stuff yes?

Ok...bought the rope. Here are my thoughts.A. next time buy 6 foot rope, NOT 8 foot rope that I could lasso a building withB. jumping rope in heels...NOT a good idea


C. jumping rope looks much much cooler when cut, ripped looking dudes are doing it than a flabby chick....

just sayin.....

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