Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Starfish Story

This may be my shortest blog post ever cuz I am so tired I am about cross eyed. I literally have not stopped moving since I got the call my grandma passed away....
I had to post a pic of my newest tattoo though cuz I am soo digging it. I found this image months ago after I had talked to my Grandma about getting an angel tattoo in her honor. I have carried this piece of paper around for so long and visualized what it would look like - I added the starfish for a very specific reason btw... if you have never heard it before here is my telling of The Starfish Story
One day and older man was walking along the beach and off in the distance he could see a shape of someone dancing in the surf. He walked closer to the figure and noticed that it was a young man and what he had thought was dancing was the young man bending over the sand then walking into the water and bending down again. As he got closer still the older man noticed the hundreds of starfish that were scattered all over the beach stranded by the tide as it rolled out to sea.
The older man kept walking when he finally saw what the young man was doing. This young man was ever so gently scooping up the starfish, one by one from the sand and carrying them to the ocean and gently placing them back in the water. The older man chuckled to himself at this pointless task and yelled to the young man "Son, I see what you are doing but you can't change the fate of these starfish. What you are doing won't make a bit of difference."
Without stopping the young man bent over and scooped up another starfish his gaze raising to meet that of the older man's and he simply said "It makes a difference to this one."
So that is why I got my sad angel who is mourning the loss of the starfish that did not get saved as a reminder of how we all can touch each other's lives. Even when it seems silly and pointless what you do everyday matters....and it makes a difference to this one.

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