Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crossed Over

I am just writing this whole month off as the month where anything and everything can, will and did happen. Thank the stars it is nearly over! I really can only take so much. I can't even believe that so much has been flipped upside down in just a few short weeks.

I don't know if I can even come close to a recap that is worthy of the monsoon that my life has become but I'll do my best to try and grab the big pieces and tie them down before I forget that they even happened.

I guess I will work backwards because what is on my mind right now is my visit with my sister and brother-in-law and our trip to the psychic. He doesn't call himself a psychic btw, he is a catalyst between the spirit world and the physical world. He is a very wonderful and gentle man who is very spiritual and is about to become a non-denominational minister(for those who think that the 2 things aren't connected- they are). Toni and Dave were supposed to come out and do this trip last October but life happened and it got delayed until now and we had planned to go together for the first time. Well, after the trip was canceled I went on my own and had a reading done solo. As you can imagine there was a lot about my brother that came through and I won't go into much detail about what he shared with me (some stuff is private, even in my world) but what he did share is that he had not crossed over yet because too many of the living were holding him back. I guess when a someone leaves the way Troy did (by his own hand) they need to kinda clean up the mess they left and can't cross over until they have helped their loved ones get some kind of closure.

The psychic told me that it was my job to help Troy clean up by helping some of my family members forgive him and let him go. He said I was a healer in a past life (and have always been a healer in some fashion in all my lives) and in this life it is my job to heal people emotionally. We all have gifts that we bring with us through all our lives and my gift he said is wisdom, compassion and being very intuitive and sensitive. From that I help people heal and get the answers they need to move on. The put alot of pressure on me frankly but I kinda already knew it was true so I spent a good chunk of time talking to certain family members trying to help them forgive. I have tried to step up and be there as much as I can for them so they can find peace and release him.

I hope it helped because the psychic said he has now crossed over and is at peace. He is ok and he is with my Grandpa, my Grandma (who crossed over right away, she was ready to go and was at peace right away) and my Aunt Sandy who was there for Grandma (wearing the same flowered dress she was buried in- my mother validated this!). I guess he crossed over in November...which I think is fitting because it is the month both his kids were born. Somehow that fits. So that was my message from beyond and I was glad to hear everything I heard.

I was there for hours and hours, so easy to get lost in that world and I could have stayed there all night. Some other random things he told me: I have several spirit guides including an angel named Phyllis (who is also my niece's angel) and was my aunt Sandy's guardian. Sandy is also an angel and when I mentioned before that I see 17's everywhere -the age Sandy was when she died- it was after my first reading that I started seeing them. That is her way of letting my know she is around. I also have a warrior guardian and a little Indian boy. Ok, this tripped me out....the first time I was there we were chatting and all of the sudden he said- you are gonna take yoga aren't you? I had not mentioned it and was literally planning on going to the studio to check it out from his house 9this was Oct mind you and I was just checking ou the intro class)! I told him yes and he said all my spirit guides were cheering in his head. So that is why I have to stick with yoga...I dare not piss off my spirit guides! Seriously though, how weird is that?

What else....oh, I lived in Africa and my sister was my mother in that life so we have been a family for a long time. I can project myself out of my own body which is something I have been able to do since I was a kid but it freaks me out so much I have never ever told anyone but him....ummm, until now. And lots of other stuff that pops up at weird times.

Toni and Dave were told lots of stuff too but it is theirs to tell not mine. I will only say that I think they both really enjoyed the experience and so did I.

Do you believe?

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Hello- I live in the Phoenix area and occasionally read your blog after finding a link from a Smart for Life thing way back when. Is this man in the Phoenix or Tucson area? Would you feel comfortable sharing his information-- I am very interested in speaking with him regarding issues. My email is