Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Batshit crazy

I have no clue where to begin....it is beyond comprehension how crazy this month has been for me. In fact, let's go to the big board and recap.

Events that have happened in April (so far)....

Grandma passed away

Flew home for "celebration of life"

Had my good friend/employee quit leaving me solo in my office

had new job fall out of the sky

quit my job

started new job

got laid

attended 2 day medical conference

had family in town

walked 14 miles in the desert

while fam in town and safely tucked away at leadership training flew to Vegas

attended all day meeting in Vegas for a 21 hour day

got up after 5 hour nap (on a hard hotel couch) to meet Steph and Jess for breakfast at the Hard Rock

flew home

picked up fam from leadership training

saw a psychic

dropped off fam at airport

started 2nd office day of new job

had big meeting and took my new boss with

got a contract to fill 200 positions in 3 weeks

.....and the month isn't over yet

needless to say there are details to be caught up on but if you wondered (or even cared in the slightest) what I was doing and why I didn't blog....this be why

Stop the world I wanna get off!!

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