Sunday, April 19, 2009

The L-Word

So much is going on I hardly know where to begin. I just got back from a workout which seemed like a great idea since I was still all energetic from my 5 mile hike around Papago Park. I must admit I dodged a bullet today (not literally- in my neighborhood that is possible so its good to qualify). I was a very silly red-headed, porcelain skinned girl and marched out into the blazing 90+ degree sun with (gasp) NO sunscreen on! I sooooo know better and only the grace from the powers that be kept me from getting fried cuz there was no shade out there. The park was lovely and gave me some mental down time to reshuffle my jumbled brain.

So the career shift....sorry it came as such a shock to everyone but I did not want to be one of those assholes who get fired for blogging about something they wouldn't want their boss to know and since I actually link this blog to my LinkedIn profile (FB for business for those who don't know) I wanted to keep my plans on the d/l until things were fleshed out.

As I have mentioned, my company was very very good to me and I will always be grateful for my time there and Jason, my boss, is a great guy and a good friend. I don't for see that changing anytime soon. Things just started feeling very stale. It's my own fault, it was my show and I had the power to do whatever I wanted but slowly over the last few weeks I have been checking out. It was a slow process because loyalty kept me plugged in but my heart just hasn't been in it for awhile. Then when my partner Michael decided to leave that pretty much sealed the deal for me.

It's also entirely possible I am a change junkie. My life is almost always in some state of flux and this past 2 years speak better to that than anything. Normally is would be time for me to move (I get the 5 year itch so go see and explore new places) BUT since I am a homeowner and ergo shackled to my condo (which I do love) and I have built a life for myself here I can't really see moving anywhere.

Just a note about has been 6 years since I have moved here and it has been the most amazing time in my life. I have failed here horribly. I have faced the biggest challenges of my life. I have grown and become a better version of myself for all I have gone through and it is the only place I can see myself being. This is a town where reputation is everything and its all about who you know. How I got this new position is a perfect example of that- this was not a job that was posted somewhere. I don't think more than 5 people even knew it existed which is great for me because there are some great people out there right now and some of them might, just might, be more qualified than me. But....the person who is leaving this job emailed me (through LinkedIn at that) to ask who I might know and it turned out that -I- was the person I know! Gotta love this town and the power of a good network.

So as I stated in my status- total random moment today. After my hike I was driving by this antique strip mall where there is a Tuesday Morning store (which I love- bargains galore) and when I went to check out there was a long line. They opened up another register and this lady in front of me turned around to go to the next register and it was my new boss! Totally random....and handy because I was going to email her to tell her I am going to start tomorrow instead of Tuesday (working both jobs this next week which should be its own little funfest) so we got it all sorted out. The lady behind me thought this whole exchange was hilarious. I take it as a good sign and that this was meant to be....

So I won't bore you with the details of the new gig (which is code for- I am kinda figuring that out myself so I can't really share any details with you until I know them) but it will be an adventure!


My sister and brother in law are coming out to see me this week. Well, the trip includes seeing me but it is really all about sending them to a leadership class- for my Rapport Master Grads they are going to PC (Power Communication). Very special shout out to Jenn and Aaron for hooking me up with the class. So they will get here on Thursday and we will hang until their class starts on Friday afternoon. Now in the meantime I will be going to Vegas Saturday am and will be back on Sunday in time for their grad. They will be in class and not even know I am gone. Then they leave on Monday am just in time for me to start my first full week of my new job next week. Anyone else dizzy? I am......

I have been getting some ordering love from my fam- my sisterinlaw and stepmom and sister have all ordered some products from me. Still waiting for the mother love...we shall see.

Grandma- one of the things we have planned when my sister is here is to go and see a psychic I know and I fully expect my grandma will dominate the session. It will be interesting to see what comes through. I am going to take Sandy's watch and see if I can connect with her and of course, Troy.

The body...

Ok, so I have totally hit a wall. For the love of Pete I can't seem to get under 200lbs to save my flabby ass (and it is). I have been working out and watching the calories and I suspect I might be over training (lingo picked up from watching the Biggest Loser- Go Kristen!). Luckily my friend Michael is moving back to Phoenix and we have talked about training together and he is going to help me tweak my diet for the amount of physical activity I am doing. There is a whole science to the whole protein/calorie/workout ratio and this is a world that is brand shiny new to me. I know I have been doing what I am doing now for months and my body has gotten used to it so at the very least shaking it up will help. Its perfect timing to as I have cardio down (treadmill and now the elliptical -hah, not so scary now after all!) and I have the yoga integrated into my schedule so I am ready to add strength/weight training. I just hope I don't knock myself out with a back swing of my arm flab. Seriously.....its a sad sad sight.

As I mentioned during a lull in the action last week I was a very good employee on the way out and I put all the phones on hold and went shopping at Target. It was a bra emergency. That which I have very little of (every other female in my fam was blessed with a loaded pair but me) was falling out of the bra's I had. So I picked up some 34C's (and yes we are being generous with the c but I refuse to go B- I refuse dammit!!) and I needed some new sports bras. They are meant to be a bit on the tight side and yes I was able to squeeze into THE L-word.....a LARGE with no "x's" in front of it. When I started exercising I bought a 3x...along with every other article of clothing I own. But to fit into "just" a large?? Could not tell you in a million years that last time that happened.

I could probably fit into a large in shirts but for the flabby skin- especially in my arms. That throws everything off. So my shirts were all XL but they are regular girl XL not the plus size 1X which trust me- is a big size difference. And as I am bargain shopping Annie right now I got 4 nice light shirts all for $4-$6 on clearance. Nice...

Ummmm.....trying to think if that is it? I guess so. Oh, other than I created a Facebook Fan page which some of you have clicked on (thanks) and I may be posting bonus material there that will be seen no where else....still playing with that idea. So please be my fan if you haven't already signed up and if you are a fan and want to post a link to my blog on your page that would rock (i.e- hey check out this chicks blog, she's a bit of a hot mess but she amuses me).

I am pretty serious about turning this blog into a book at some point (hey, how do you think I plan to pay for my plastic surgery?) so I need to build a strong audience. Only if you feel it is worthy of promoting of course.....Thanks in advance and th-th-that's all :) (rapport inside joke)

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