Tuesday, August 4, 2009


For those new folks who are joining our story already in progress.....well it might make more sense to read from the beginning but then again it could be fun to just jump right into the middle. That is how I tend to live my life so I guess jumping in the deep end works for my blog readers as well.

First I have to thank everyone for taking a peek at this blog and wanting to learn a little bit more about me and my story. I appreciate the comments and the support. Please feel free to hit me with questions or comments or just lurk in the background and read along. I welcome you all!

So you would think with this being semi-unemployed I would have oodles of time to do nothing but blog however not having a job (or in my case more specifically an income) takes up gobs and gobs of time. Ok perhaps I could scale back on my Facebooking a bit but in my defence I have been able to grab a bunch of people from my network and ask them for leads while online. Not to mention catching up on my nieces activities and making sure I have completed every quiz FB has to offer.....alll VERY important uses of my time. Not to mention the Twitter debacle where my account was hacked so I had to delete and start over.....my new twitter account is @traceyherr10 if anyone cares to add me.

So what is my employment status exactly you ask? Well I do have a job but it is a sales job and I was getting a draw....which is basically getting paid in advance for commissions you will bring in. Once you get a deal then you balance your draw and get paid the difference. Well my company has killed all draws and so I now do not get an income ergo have no cash coming in the door. I had a 2 hour chat with my mortgage company about this yesterday (seriously) and in the end they decided that they don't really give a shit about my income (or lack thereof) and yes I do still need to come up with my mortgage payment. The good news is they don't care which orifice I pull it out of so I have -that- going for me which is nice.

I do get unemployment starting next week but I am here to tell ya $240 a week will NOT cut it so I am working hard core on flexing the power of my network and seeing what magic I can make happen for myself. I have been setting up interviews and filling out online apps until my eyes bleed so hopefully I will get good news soon.

In the meantime I do hope to gather a bigger audience here so if you guys like what you read and want more please pass it on to your friends and family (or Oprah, whatever) so I can keep spreading the Tracey love. It has actually been suggested I ask for letters/problem so I can do my wisdom dispensing thing a la Dear Abby so if you are game I am.....feel free to send me your comments/questions to tracey.herrick@gmail.com and let me know how I can help. I am sooooooo much better at fixing other people's lives than my own. I only even damage myself so you have no worries. (evil laugh)

Ok back to my life.....I had a total meltdown this weekend and let the stress take over for awhile. I did this on purpose so come Monday I could suck it up and get back on the horse. You can't just stuff the rage, fear, panic dow forever and not express it so I'd rather fall apart when no one is looking then do a taaa-daaaa it's all better now move, dust myself off and get back at it. The bad news is that I was counting on falling apart and having Chris pick up the pieces but man plans and god laughs.....in this case god sent a swarm of rats and termites to smite my plans. My poor boy had to exterminate all these new room mates all weekend and by the time he got to my house on Sunday night the poor guy was nearly crippled. I felt soo sooooo bad cuz I was pretty fricking annoyed he wasn't there to babysit me but one look in his pain filled eyes just melted me and I just wanted to do everything I could to make him feel better. I hate it when its not all about me....except when its all about him.

I did work out most of the stress and am doing my best surfing to try and ride this wave until calmer waters roll in. I know I created this life.....and let me take a step back on this point for a second. Life sucks for a lot of people right now and there is a certain amount that is beyond our control- true. BUT for the most part we are ALL living the lives we created. Me? I like high risk, high reward and I let myself get distracted with the promise of things being greener on the other side of the fence (hence the 2 brief jobs before going back to my old job) and did not take care of business like I knew I should. So....as much as it sucks I do own the fact that I created this mess and it is up to me to get myself the hell out of it. Which I will cuz....well, that is what I do. I WILL succeed cuz I have to, no other option really. Especially now that I have a wonderful man who wants to build a life together with me. The stakes just went up big time and I can't wait to reap the rewards of all our hard work. But now.....there is just work.

In this "down" time I am working for my current/former company on some assignments for my biggest client and I am using this time to do some behind the scenes stuff so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime I hope my new readers enjoy the archives and get caught up and thanks so much for every one's love and support.

And if you have a job lead for me .....call!!

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