Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Process Sucks

It really does.....job seeking I mean. And mind you this has been my primary occupation for most of the past decade so I should be a bit more aware but I haven't been on -this- side of the table for a long time and it's been years since I have been unemployed for this long. Yes I know it's only been 2 weeks basically but when you break down the math it is a long ass time.

For the unemployment process alone you file...then depending when in the week you get your paperwork in the mail to sign you have to wait a week before they process. So you can basically go 2 weeks with no income at all which is the case with me. And then they never sent me the debit card that they deposit the money into so while in theory I got "paid" this week (a whopping $240- yes better than nothing but still not enough to pay the bills) I can't get any money until I get a card reissued and sent which will be mid week next week at the earliest. Until then I literally have $40 to my name. I did have $65 but had to put a little gas in my car so I can get to these interviews that have me running from one end of Phoenix to the other. Here is a tip for anyone who is looking can write off all mileage and expenses associated with your job search. So I have all my mapquest directions which I will put in an excel doc and can write it off when I do my taxes. Same is true for printer ink and paper to print resumes, and fee's for faxing resumes.....etc. Hope that helps someone.

Ok so that is the money part that sucks. I have no idea where I am gonna come up with my next mortgage payment and yes I have already asked for a deferment and no they won't do it. I had one ace in the hole- a friend who would give me a short term loan if I asked. Well I asked only to find out he was just laid off! I dunno how this will work out but I can only take it step by step.

Right now the waiting part is what is killing me. I had the "for sure" offer I thought I had in the bag last week. I even got a verbal offer and then the next day got and email saying they passed and I have not heard a word from them since. That really hurt but I brushed myself off and have been plowing through every lead I have come across since then. I tell ya, if I didn't need a base income I would have about 10 jobs right now. It is sad and shocking how many companies are taking advantage of people right now by not paying anything but 100% commission. Don't get me wrong I have always worked commission but pay people what they are worth them give them an incentive. A base should be enough to pay your bills and commission is lifestyle money but companies right now need to shave margins and while they need the sales talent they won't pay upfront. current situation. It is just sad. It's such a great opportunity for companies to do the right thing but instead they are going 1099 with their reps for the same reasons a dog licks its balls....cuz they can.

Momentum has picked up for me....I am waiting for "final steps" and hopefully offers from 2 companies and I have 2nd interviews scheduled with 2 other companies so I have back up and something else in the pipeline. I had 2 other interviews this week that I don't think will go anywhere which is fine. I just need to get to work asap.

The waiting just kills me...I am pretty much an instant gratification girl by nature anywho (seriously, just ask Chris- or anyone else who knows me) and waiting for feedback and next steps is beyond painful. The only reason I am blogging right now is I don't want to go work out yet because someone might call before the end of the day so I will wait until 5 before I call my "work" day done. Uuurrrgggghhhhhhhhh

No patience.....none at all. I do my best and I am confident that one of these 4 things will close but in the meantime I need to be sedated!

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