Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why the Superbowl makes me cry

It's not because the Cardinals lost....let's clear that up right now.

I am not an overly emotional person but I must admit I have a secret that I never share with why not post it in my blog right? I cry at the oddest times, just for a few seconds but I have these powerful bursts of emotion all the time and they move me to tears. That commercial where the little girl dances on her daddy's feet, when someone wins a NEW CAR on the Price is Right (the old school version, not the Drew Carey show) when soldiers come home and hug their kids for the first time in god knows how long.

True, raw, powerful feelings move me and I just can't help but to honor that emotion with a few tears.

The SuperBowl is all about that raw emotion. You bring it, you bring it hard. You come to win and you leave it all out on that field. You push yourself harder than you ever did before because life doesn't give you moments like this often. This is everything you have worked for and this moment will define you for the rest of your life. And fans? We get to tap into the greatness. We get to be a part of "that moment" because it may be the closest WE ever will get to having a moment like that in our lives so we watch....and get to stand on the shoulders of greatness and tap into something bigger than all of us for just one moment.

It's not even about the game really. It's a game, a silly game where a bunch of dudes chase a ball. That's all it really is is so much more. This is why I love football btw, you get ONE chance. Go out there and play the game of your life. Not like baseball where you have to endure a whole series to get to who is best. Not football. One game. One outcome. Any given Sunday anything can happen- and usually does. It takes us above all the seediness of the game (drugs, arrests, bribes) and gives it honor and nobility and that is a good thing.

I am grateful for the SuperBowl because it reminds us to strive for greatness and proves that hard work does pay off and that it matters to bring your A game to everything you do. Even the performers step it could see Jennifer Hudson take that deep nervous gulp before she stepped up and sang her heart out, knowing how many people were watching her and thinking of her recent tragedy. She let that moment carry her above that and honored herself and her family in that moment. It was glorious and a gift to us all. Even Springstein looked a little nervous and he stepped onto the biggest stage in the world- and he's The Boss.

Like Obama winning the election (a much rarer moment) this is a time to stand on the top of the world and take a break from all our worries and together, be a part of something great, something that we can all be a part of in our own way. We can all be the hero, the Champion....for just one moment.

That's cool and that makes me cry....with pride, with glory and most of all with hope.

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