Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Polls are Closed

Thank you for playing and for your votes in "what should Tracey do next..." You gave me some great feedback (some private, some public) and I thank you ALL for your thoughts and words. I listened and took it all in....and then made up my own damn mind and did what I wanted just like I always do. hahaha...

Ok so the decision has been made.....I am going back on the Cookie Diet (which if you buy 4 weeks by 2/28 you can get $50 off with the coupon code Twitter50 btw...)

First off I am very excited and happy with this decision. It may not be the decision you would have made but that was true when I first did it (and lost 150lbs) and the bottom line is I got results and you can't argue with that. And yes it is a band-aid. It is NOT a long term solution and once I hit my goal weight I will have to come up with a plan that I can work to keep the results I gained and have a healthy long term maintenance based lifestyle.

I think it is just such a weight off (so to speak- har har) to just have made a decision and not just keep struggling to do something I clearly still don't know how to do so well. This will get me back on track, get me some results and give me time to get some education and figure out how to make this lifestyle change stick.

So where I am at now is the cookies are ordered and en route and I will start again on Monday. So needless to say this is kind of a g'bye tour for my sweet tooth for awhile. So glad I got in one more office cake day before getting back on the wagon...MMMMmmmm cake.

I am not at all worried about the cookie diet itself. I have done it before so there are no big worries there and in a lot of ways it will be a relief to going back to being hard core strict. Choices are hard and making the right choices are even harder. And our culture is NOT set up to be health friendly let me tell you.

My plan is to do it for 90-120 days then assess where I am. Last time I did it I averaged 20 lbs a month weight loss and I want to get to a goal weight of 160lbs (80lbs total).

We shall see how it goes...

Now....I put this to YOU. Wanna play along?

I will post my starting weight on Monday (March 1st) and update weekly. I will throw out the offer that if anyone else out there wants to play the home version with me you can post your goals and results in the comments section and we can do this together! I know posting things like your weight aren't fun but its the accountability part that really drives you- trust me.

And I don't care what your plan is- I have never and will never knock any one's choices. Be it surgery, exercise only, special diets.....all our bodies have such vastly different chemistry and results vary so much that if YOU find something that works then GO FOR IT...with my blessings and supports.

And for those who haven't heard yet I WILL be coming home (to Iowa) for Kim's wedding in June (12th) so I WILL be at my GOAL WEIGHT by then!!

Time to finish this damn thing....who is with me??!!

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