Tuesday, February 9, 2010


What to do...what to do.....

I am kinda at a crossroads and need to make a pretty big decision. As I have admitted I have fallen off the wagon a bit and need to re-start my program. I have been doing good with my exercise program. I have the Biggest Loser's Boot Camp and Power Yoga ($9 at Wal-Mart) plus the eliptical and my yoga class.

So right now here is my schedule with one day of rest in there (which varies depending on what night Chris is available so we can have a date night):

Boot Camp, Cardio, rest day, Boot Camp, Power Yoga, Boot Camp, Yoga Class (sat am)

So far so good... with that. I am at level 2 with the Boot Camp video- can't say I make it all the way through Level 2 (fricking pushups with a medicine ball) BUT I am getting there...

Now the big question.

I am strongly considering going back to the Cookie Diet.

Now a little recap for you all...the diet I started was called Smart for Life which was a partnership between these weight loss clinics (Smart for Life) and Dr. Siegel's cookie diet. That is where I lost the bulk of my weight. Now there was a lawsuit and the partnership ended (badly) and the clinic I was going to switched products (cookies) which made me very sick so that is when I quit the program and went solo.

So why am I considering going back to eating 6 little (not so much like cookies) cookies everyday?

Well in a word- results. I really want to hit my goal of 175 (ok, its really 160) and doing the diet for 3 months might get me there quickly (or at least a big jump start) BUT it is $60 a week for cookies so we are talking $720 for 90 days. Is loosing 60lbs worth that?


The other consideration is learning the right way to do it. After my gain I am worried I didn't really learn new habits (or didn't learn good enough) so when I come back off my weight will balloon up- again.

I do NOT want to start a yo-yo pattern so is it better to do it slower this time with the idea that the results will last longer?

It's a lot to think about....what are your thoughts? (comments always welcome)

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Toni said...

I had a father that tried every diet known to mankind in the 40 some years of my life before he passed. He tried them all...His weight yo-yoed like crazy! It was horrible on his health, both mentally and physically. He was limited on the amount of exercise due to his disabilities and that didn't help him any.

I think that you are better off continuing with the exercise and eating healthy! I am not a fan of all these loose weight fast diets after seeing my dad try them all.
I was able to loose a lot of weight with just a good exercise routine. I went from 180 pounds to 110 in less then six month just with exercise. I was physically fit! I was still eating pizza and Arby's all the time. (since I was working at Arby's and dating the manager of a pizza place at the time, and needless to say, very limited on funds) I did limit my food intake to some degree and laid off the sweets. I was exercising two hours a day, plus I ran 5 miles 5 days a week. (I got a bit obsessive, almost addicted to exercise) I slowed down on the exercise when I reached my goal to just running my 5 miles and I did exercise every so often. When I was in a car wreck that changed my life forever, I had to discontinue exercise all together. I have gained so much weight since then. I did loose some after my surgery that I had in June. This was by drinking lots of water and avoiding pop(soda) and doing my physical therapy that has been prescribed (again goes back to the exercise). If you watch The Biggest Loser you will notice that it is a lot about the exercise! They do watch what they are eating but they aren't using any "loose weight fast" special pill or cookie! I know that you had great result with the cookies but I think that you needed that jump start and now you are at a stage in this that the exercise and eating healthy are going to go a lot further and last a lot longer.

I hope that you are able to reach your goal. Just don't give up!! Try going back and reading your beginning blogs to remind yourself why you started on this journey to begin with!! Having the right drive behind you makes all the difference. I started exercising after I left my very abusive husband and made a total change in my life style. I began to love myself again and wanted to be healthy and able to take good care for my three children. That was my drive behind getting fit. I think if you go back to the why and get motivated again, the weight will begin to come off again.

Sometimes when you find love (your new boy) you become complacent with yourself. You just need to push yourself and get back on the road you began on. I am not saying that finding that love and happiness is a bad thing, just don't let yourself get lazy with it in your life. I am always reminding my husband, when he says he has want he wants and doesn't have to worry about impressing anyone, I tell him he has to keep me interested! Just saying...