Monday, February 15, 2010

Kevin Smith- I feel ya man

Ok so it's pretty rare I have a real, relevant experience to something in the news but I do so here is my recap and tie in.

Most of you know Kevin Smith- if you don't know the man you know his movies. Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back....(leaving out Jersey Girl out of respect- not HIS fault). Well I follw him on Twitter and he is awesome and his tweets for national attention when he went off about his experience about getting kicked off a Southwest Airline flight for being "of Size" as their policy calls fat people.

Here is his rant on his website Smodcast (90 min podcast) and to be fair here is the Southwest reply . Here is the story on MSNBC.

And- what you are really interested in- this is my blog about the experience where I had a Southwest Airlines encounter.

Bottom line- it is a horrible, humiliating experience that calls you out for the thing you already hate and feel bad about.

I feel ya Kevin Smith- I feel ya.....

Update: It has really made me sad how people aren't seeing the forest for the trees with this whole situation. Or in this case- the person behind the weight issues.

For those who care here is Kevin's story and as it is similiar to my own. I believe him. There is no reason to go on an on about an issues like this UNLESS it is the one thing you can do to save the dignity that was already stripped of you.

Just makes me sad man, it really does.....

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