Friday, October 10, 2008

Open up and say- Ohm

Friday, October 10, 2008

Open up and say- Ohm

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This month I have had my grill checked, oil changed and fluids checked. I am also going to be getting a diagnostics done in a week or so...(** for all you "non- NASCAR folks" that translates to I have had my teeth cleaned, went to the ob/gyn and had blood work done. And next week I am going to have my first mammogram- fun fun!!) Ok, I have no idea why I went all redneck on you but it sounded so funny in my head I had to write it like that. You may think this blog is entertaining to you but make no mistake, I am out to amuse myself first everytime. Heh
I am not sure how October became "self maintenance month" but there ya go. And just so my eyes don't feel left out let it be known that I got new glasses earlier this year. When I said it was an all out campaign to get and stay healthy- I wasn't foolin! I will have my blood work back next week and will report the results as soon as I get it- that's for all my medical peeps in the crowd. I am very interested to see what my cholesterol (and HDL/LDL) is now. I have been taking Fish Oil and Niacin to lower/raise whatever one needs to be lower and/or raised so I am hoping for good news. Also on the good news front is I hit the 120 mark. I just had a friend see me who hasn't seen me for 4 months and I have to say his reaction was the first literal "jaw dropping" expression I have got from anyone. It was pretty cool. He has seen the myspace pics but said they in no way do justice to the live version (as if a mere photo could capture the fabulocity that is me-heh).

I was hoping to get a family reaction but my sister and bro-in-law are not here as planned. I am super bummed (even though it was the right call) because I am not gonna be able to afford to fly home ($700 to fly to IA- I don't flipping think so). So I have no idea when I will see anyone in my fam again. I did just talk to my dad and they said they might come out this winter which is great - btw, if ANYONE back home does want to come out and see me- which I welcome- NOW is the time to come. It is so nice here now and sitting outside at night in the 70 degree weather in November totally rocks. It is bliss! Check your calendar and pack a bag!

Ok- now the yoga update which so many people have been asking me about. As I have already alluded to in my "status" comments I was sore for a few days...wait, let me go back and properly recap. The class was Tuesday night at 7:15. I got home from work and did my therapy/self massage early so I could still fit it in but ended up only doing 40 mins instead of the full hour I do everyday. I usually do it bare legged but because I had to wear my compression garments for the yoga class I did the therapy with them on which was way hot- think stocking, 2 layers of plastic that inflate and squeeze your legs- it was icky and sweaty BUT had to be done. So by this time that was done I must admit I started to get very nervous. I am not sure why I was so anxious other than the fact that I had never ever done a formal exercise class before EV-er. So I get all packed up- towel (check), bottle of water (check), pants to pull over my biker shorts (check- the world is not ready for me in biker shorts in public...yet). I got to the center and was handed a little postcard to fill out and list and medical concerns and then sat to wait to be taken into the studio where our class people started filing in there was def a nervous tension in the air.(Btw- for all you Rapport grads I had TOTAL Rapport flashback and kept expecting Rapport like stuff to start happening- that was totally my mind frame). We got walked into the room which was good sized and only one wall was mirrored (sit as far as possible from mirrored wall- check!). There was meditation music playing and the air smelled like lavendar and peppermint (with a sweaty undertone) and mats with blankets were layed out. The mat had 2 blankets and a bolster cushion on it and we were told to lay down on our back using one blanket as a pillow and rest the back of our knees on the bolster. Then class began with a reading and relaxation mediation. I am not sure I actually relaxed at all cuz I kept expecting her to shout "now jump up and do an inverted back bend!!" Well that did not happen, we did some stretching, she gave an intro/overview and then each of the 10 class members talked about what brought us there. Pretty much everyone was a total newbie to yoga which was great and while one girl was a athlete the class was a total mix of age, body type and ability. I am pleased to say I rated about the middle of the pack overall. God knows I was not the fittest but there were def. folks there who had most problems than I (like Mike who started off explaining how he tends to fall over a lot and not to worry about it when he does- he was in a car accident and his balance is way off. I kept waiting for the ::thud:: of a body hitting the floor but he did well). I got through all of the poses except for "downward facing dog". I am not quite ready for that yet but the thing I liked most about the class was how they explained the yoga philosophy. Yoga, (she said) is all about the mind and body connection and getting your mind to be aware of, and comfortable in the body. She said dull ,ache-y, stretchy pain- good. Warm and shaky muscles after getting warmed up and used- good. Sharp, hot ,stabby pain- not so good. She was so good about telling us that if we got into a pose and it didn't work, change it up until it felt good (as long as you were in the proper alignment). She honestly musy have said "that's OhhhKayyyy" about a zillion times and with each time she said it I think the whole class relaxed. The time flew right by and we ended with meditation as well- which almost became naptime cuz it was so late.

The class finished at 9:30 then I came home- ate dinner (packet of tuna) and drank my liter of water, rolled my bandages then rolled up my legs. Needless to say it was 11:30 by the time I got to bed and by then I was soooo tired I could barely move. The next morning I got up and the first thing I thought was- I have never been more aware of my own ass in my life. It hurt- as did many other parts but (as I kept saying ,and in my own way payin hommage to the great John Cougar) it all hurt so good. Sore- but good sore and not so sore I couldn't move or didn't want to do it again. In fact- there is a class tomorrow (Sat) I think I am going to hit. They offer a discount to students who are taking the intro series and have beginner classes- "gentle" which focuses on breathing and stretching and "gentle" which focuses on the poses. I am going to hit the "gentle" class tomorrow and after the intro series is over my plan is to hit 2 classes a week and walk on the days I don't do a class. And to aid with the walking (30-45 mins around my condo complex) I got a pedometer today and 2 lb hand weights. Am I bad ass or what? Oh, and cuz, well I just had to....I got a super cool yoga mat and bag (ordered online- should have it next week). You don't need one for class cuz they have mats and cushions there but I do want to practice at home (so when I am out of the intro class I don't look like a total ass in the regular classes) so I will need a mat then.'s really pretty! It's brown background with a pretty floral design embroidered in ice blue. Sweet.

Ok....beyond that men suck and I don't like them at all (nieces please avert your eyes) all I can say is thank god for YouPorn and the Rabbitt. I'm just sayin!

::bow::: Namaste

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Monty S. said...

CONGRATS on the 120 mark (from the last entry) as well as CONGRATS on getting out there to classes of somekind.
You had to be excited and nervous (as i think you said in this entry) to take the yoga classes.
do not bite my head off for saying this (still a bit scared to say anything after a previous entry of yours) i am guessing your energy levels have increased alot from the weight loss and the increased physical activity.
Way to go Tracey!!