Monday, October 6, 2008

A Big Steaming Pile

Monday, October 06, 2008

A Big Steaming Pile

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Category: Life

Crap....everything is crap right now. I'd apologize for the overly vivid visual if I gave a fuck but right now I don't so there ya with it.

Family- pretty much pissed, concerned, worried , frustrated and angry at almost everyone of them for various reasons. If you are related to me and wonder which of these buckets you fall into by ALL MEANS give me a call and I can enlighten you- oh, but wait that would require the people I share DNA with to use a communication device beyond telepathy and know...communicate! God forbid we ever ever EVER learn anything about keeping in touch and being there for each other- even when someone is in crisis. So yeah, you stick your heads in the sand or whatever you do to ignore people who love you but you would rather do....I don't even know what....than offer any help or support. Yeah, I said it. I mean it and I am NOT going to apologize for it. You know who you are and exactly what I am talking about.

Work- total crap. Apparently there is no need at ALL for anyone to be concerned or take ANY action when an entire office is unable to get online for an entire DAY. Time is who's money?? Not mine, I still get paid so who cares?? Who indeed....

Love Life- you guess? Yup....a bit wet pile of you know what. And it's the kind that sticks to your shoe and you can never ever scrap it that "person" who you know is bad for you but you just can't wash it off? Yeah, juuuust like that.

Health- well better than it was but still pretty crappy. (but at least is 116 lbs less crappy than it was)

Finances- what's the phrase? Can't even afford to pay attention....yeah. Guess who will NOT be shelling out $700 for a plane ticket to Iowa (not France, not Belize- I O W A) for what will be the world's sucky-est xmas ever no matter how you cut it or where I am when it happens??

Yeah, so in conclusion my life is one big crapball right now.

PS- For those who were looking forward to and supporting my sister and brother in law's Rapport PC grad it is canceled (for now) but will be rescheduled due to the above crisis I alluded too. I am beyond crushed about the whole damn situation for a multitude of reasons.

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